Tuesday, December 06, 2011

"Who's afraid of Jonathan Crane?"

Hey people,

So this week I figured I'd introduce a new figure from my collection: Sinestro Corps Scarecrow.

Sure he's been out for awhile, but  I managed to snatch him up last saturday @ my not-so local Target. Thankfully for me Target was down to their last day on pricing all DCUC figures @ $7.99 a pop, so I picked this guy out after asking a stockboy to see if there were anymore figures in the back.(Thanks go to Gooum for telling me about their $7.99 sale) Idw, but I just didn't want The Creeper or Batman: Legacy Mr.Freeze, so I'm glad I got this guy or else I'd've went home empty-handed.

There's plenty of on-line reviews concerning this wave, but itsalltrue.net has a really good one up on their site here:

As the review points out, the paint and the amount of beautiful detail is not hard to see on this figure, as the Four Horseman really hit this one out of the friggin' park on ol' Crane here.
Plus now my GLC Sinestro figure has a yellow lantern of his very own now, and shouldn't be embrassed about not having one.

Speaking of Sinestro, on to our weekly skit called "Scarecrow's Revenge."

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