Friday, October 21, 2011

A mouth full of crow....

Hey people,
Yes it's been awhile, and yes absence has made my heart grow fonder....for this blog anyways.

I was just e-mailing Goo that THE famous Roy Thomas will be speaking at a local college that's mere blocks away from where I live. That's right, Roy Thomas. It's all happening on the 26th around noon, so you know I'll be there. Plus, and this is the really good part, admission's free/open to the public. He'll have stuff to buy and sign, put I'm planning on sneaking a digital camera in, and taking a pic or two.

I'm also getting DCUC Robin this week, so I'm very happy indeed to reunite the Dynamic Duo. One of my local box channels now features old episodes of the 60's Batman series, so he'll fit right in as we all roll with the POW!s, the OOOF!s, and the BAM!s.

Alright, now for the thing you've all waitied ever so patiently for.....a funny-ass homemade skit:

I call this one, "Mouth full of crow":

Well, at least I thought it was funny....see you kids next week, as my next sketch will be just in time for Halloween.


Dan said...

So how was the meeting mate?

Dale Bagwell said...

Not bad actually. He talked for a half hour, then took q&a questions.

Here's some main points:

-John Buschema was his favorite artist to work with, although he did really enjoy working w/Neal Adams as well.

On a sidenote, he said John hated superheroes, except working on the Avengers, and he loved working on Conan.

-Roy didn't get into to Conan until he was 20, but since has written over 300 Conan stories, as well as creating Red Sonja.

-He's been married twice, and both wives have helped him as writing partners.

-Wrote many of the Spidey Super-stories, the ones associated w/ the old kids' show, The Electric Company.

-Wrote/co-wrote w/ Stan Lee the Spider-Man newspaper strips.

-Left Marvel after "an editor he didn't like became Editor-in-Chief." He didn't name names, but I'm sure he meant Jim Shooter. Check out Shooter's blog for more details on that story.

-Lives about an hour from me, in neighboring town of Orangeburg,SC on a 40-acre ranch-like estate w/his current wife Dann.

-Created the name and concept of Wolverine, but passed him off to Len Wein, thus why Len Wein gets major credit for creating Wolverine.

There's more, but I'll blog about it later, as well as posting a picture I got to take w/him.

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