Monday, October 03, 2011

Making a mountain of an Ant hill....

And how was your weekend folks?

Mine was pretty damn good, so I can't complain! Especially since I brought home a new addition to the DCUC family: Indigo Lantern Atom.

Pretty cool huh?

Yessir, the action figure gods must be smiling down on me now that word of my imminent retiring from action figure collecting is nigh. That and pookie just wanted to make me happy, so there.

If you noticed, this an IL-ed version of his "Sword of the Atom" costume he wore for a few years back in the early 80's as seen here:

And it even appeared in an episode of the Batman: The Brave and the Bold cartoon:

And here's what inspired the action figure; Becoming an IL in Blackest Night:

Alright guys, now for the obligatory skit featuring Ray and another shrinking doctor.....Hank Pym:

Everybody's a critic!


googum said...

Hell, between you and last week's Brave and the Bold, I could be sold on that Atom. (I'm holding out for a couple in the next series.)

I've read a bit of Sword of the Atom, but I loved Power of the Atom, where Ray comes back to civilization a bit more barbaric than he left. Figure him and Hank would fight like hell at first, then be the best of friends. Maybe.

Oh, and my sink is likewise, some kind of abomination. Apparently, my flem has the molecular consistency of concrete...

Dale Bagwell said...

Hey Goo,
If you're a big fan of the Atom, and don't have the regular version of him already, I'd pick this one up.

He really does look like his previous "Sword" incarnation, at least that's what I pretend; the same goes for the tribal tattoos.

I have 2 issues of Power of the Atom,and I really need to pick up the rest, even though I already know what happens, those were really good stories by Roger Stern.

With Hank, I saw an immediate good-natured rivalry which I really didn't do that good of a job portraying. Maybe more skits in the future?

As for the sink, yeah pretty much everybody's sink has some of that flem you mentioned lurking about.

Thanks for the comments, now how about officially becoming a follower? You know you want to.

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