Thursday, October 06, 2011

"Well shit the bed!"

Well folks, I know I've complained about my computer possibly shitting the bed in the past, but this time it really looks like it just might.

An odd coincidence considering that legendary Apple founder Steve Jobs died yesterday.
I don't know how much time this ol' gal's got, but if you don't see an update from me soon, then you know why.

I'll try to upload a funny skit I had planned on posting today, but with the computer loading so damn slow, that might not happen. Oh well, so is life. If I can't, then I hope you guys all have a great and safe weekend!


Dan said...

computers aye - always lettin' ya down. God I don't know what Id do if my apple brought it.

Cry probably - in a manly way ;D

googum said...

Dale, shoot me an email! I'm googum at hotmail.

My computer does ok, but it thinks there is Regular me and Administrator me, and it's running like Two-Face's computer. Annoying, but it's holding in there.

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