Wednesday, December 19, 2018

My Top 10: Marvel Legends figures of 2018

What's up people?

As the title says I'll be presenting my list of the Top 10 Marvel Legends figures of 2018. The only strict requirements I've set for myself is that the figures chosen have to have come out this year and they have to be figures I currently own.

You know what? Fuck that.

Since I haven't bought a lot of figures this year, I might as well showcase all the figures I did happen to buy.  I mean shit, why not? It's not a lot people, I promise.

Here we go.....

  •  Thanos (Walmart Exclusive) 

  •  The Taskmaster (Avengers Obsidian Cull BAF Wave)


  •  Gwenpool (Spider-Man Lizard BAF Wave)

  •  Cable (Deadpool Sasquatch BAF Wave)

  • The Multiple Man (X-men Apocalypse BAF Wave)

  • The Prowler (Spider-Man Lizard BAF Wave)

  •  The Black Knight (Avengers Cull Obsidian BAF Wave)

  • Gladiator (X-Men Apocalypse BAF Wave)

  • Magneto (X-Men Apocalypse BAF Wave)

  • Sabertooth (X-Men Apocalypse BAF Wave)

  • Storm (X-Men Apocalypse BAF Wave)

  • Psylocke (X-Men Apocalypse BAF Wave)

  • Magick (Walgreens Exclusive)

  •  Venom (Venom BAF Wave)

  • Dr. Octopus (Spider-Man 

  •  The Thing (Walgreens Exclusive)


  •  Mr. Fantastic (Walgreens Exclusive)

And that's pretty much it for 2018. I really don't see me making anymore future ML purchases this month, thus why I'll officially end the list here.

I'll still buy more 2018 figures, just not right now.

As you can see this year, more than any other, I really, really cherry-picked the figures I really wanted rather than buy an entire wave.  That was definitely due to financial reasons and common sense.

Judging based off the previews of the upcoming figures of 2019, we can easily expect mixed floods of more MCU and comic versions waves, as well as hopefully being able scratch off more of my personal choices on my wish list like Jack of Hearts, Quasar, and Sleepwalker.

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