Wednesday, December 05, 2018

December, What December?

What's up people?

Fuck me, it's December already and man, personally I'm just ready for this month to hurry up and be over with already.

That being said, I did luck out there as far as figures go.
I bought the last 3 figures I needed in the ML X-Men Apocalypse BAF to complete him, which were Multiple Man, Sabertooth and Magneto.

Overall I happy with my purchases. Didn't buy that Yellow costumed Wolverine though. Thankfully I skip him since he only came with theo hoses for 'Pocy. 

Oh and this is for Googum because I told him I could :

It's a panel from a Jack Kirby-drawn issue of the Manhunter 1st Issue Special he did in the mid 70's, but dubbed over using lyrics from the Talking Heads' song, "Once in a lifetime."

Here's the original panel for comparison:

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