Friday, October 13, 2017

So, Who Would Win?: Ghost Rider VS. Michael Myers


Sorry, kinda' late (for me anyways) on making this post. I honestly almost forgot about posting another extra edition of So. Who Would Win?

But I didn't, so here we are.

Ok, so I was originally thinking of pitting Jason Voorhees against Michael Myers, as I'm sure many of you already have, but then I thought, "Yeah but they're both basically the same character with the same regenerative abilities, so it'd be a stalemate in the end."

And they are, so no.

Instead, why not pit the demonic-looking demon-hunter, Ghost Rider against Michael Myers and see how that goes.
I mean shit, they're powers are different enough (of sorts) to make things very interesting.


You know the drill, let's take a look at what their powers are and see how they stack up against each other.

-Ghost Rider:
  • Superhuman strength, agility, stamina, reflexes, speed, endurance and durability
  • Proficient in hand-to-hand combat skills
  • Highly experienced motorcyclist
  • Invulnerability to any kind of fire
  • Ability to project regular and ethereal flame
  • Ability to travel between interdimensional realms and along any surface
  • Immortality
  • Penance Stare
  • Resurrection
  • Rides flaming motorcycle
  • Wields enchanted chain
  • Can conjure a bike using Hellfire
  • Wields shotgun that can produce Hellfire
  • Regeneration

-Michael Myers:
John Carpenter has described the character as "almost a supernatural force - a force of nature. An evil force that's loose," a force that is "unkillable".[2] Professor Nicholas Rogers elaborates, "Myers is depicted as a mythic, elusive bogeyman, one of superhuman strength who cannot be killed by bullets, stab wounds, or fire."

That's about as much of an accurate description you're going to get other than. "Well, he can't die."

Honestly you just know this fight's gonna' last a loooooonnnnngggg time, due to the fact that Michael can really take a beating, even if it's at the hands of someone with supernatural strength and hellfire powers.

Oh, oh, and I would love to see at some point in the fight, Ghost Rider trying to use his dreaded "Penance Stare" on Myers....and nothing happens. Instant hilarity ensues.


Ghost Rider


Michael Myers

Who wins and why?

Have a good weekend folks....


googum said...

Let's see: Ghost Rider whips Michael with his chain, drags him behind his bike, sets him on fire. Michael gets up like he just slept for 10 hours. Michael stabs GR. And stabs him, and stabs him. GR is getting increasingly agitated about the state of his jacket.

This would come down to whichever one tires out first, and they don't get tired...huh.

Dale Bagwell said...

I know right? This fight could last a looooooooooonnnnngggggggg time. I figure at some point GR's gonna' have to see if he can't just send him to hell himself. Baring that, go ask Dr. Strange for help and banish him to hell or some other dimension.

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