Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Fantasy Team-Up: Moon Knight and Azrael

Moon Knight and Azrael should really have a good old-fashioned team up.

Because they both have so much in common.

  • They both believe and answer in a higher power/dieity
  • They're both highly-trained fighters
  • They're both religious-themed vigilantes
  • They're both analogues of Batman
  • They've been dead before and were brought back to life.
  • They both suffer from mental issues
And that's just the obvious stuff.

As to why they would team-up, seeing as how they're both usually loners....well, it's comics. Of course there's always a reason you can come up with for how and why they team up.
Honestly. sometimes it just doesn't matter how they meet up, seeing as how they're both from different universes, but I'll give you guys my reason.

-So some Egyptian scientist/archaeologist in Gotham has finally, after so many years, successfully created a portal a la the original Stargate movie, based of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and supposed alien technology.

Azrael just so happens to be in the neighborhood, and Batman sends him to go find out what the deal is and why dangerous energy and radiation levels are emanating so strongly from that area.

A new Egyptian-themed bad guy can be created from this, or hell use a revamped King Tut from the 60's Batman series, and you're off.

Anyhoo, King Tut is all set to takeover this portal and use for his own nefarious schemes, when Azrael makes his presence known. Az fights with King Tut's men, while Tut activates the portal once again, hoping to secure some ancient Egyptian reinforcements.

Instead, Moon Knight comes through, being just as confused as everyone else as to how he got here.

Azrael thinks this guy is in league with King Tut until Moonie quickly figures out Tut's the bad guy based off his actions and insane manner of speech.

From there, MK and Azrael team up and make quick work of King Tut and his men, shutting down the portal, or hell, the portal could get damaged during the big fight.

Either way, we got out team-up.

Now I'm sure at some point Az's programmed training will go into overdrive, with his deity Saint Dumas appearing and questioning the "righteousness" of Moon Knight. This is turn could spur Moonie's god, Knonshu to likewise show up, and declare St. Dumas a heretic, and that Moonie needs to take down the false prophet and his puppet.

And from there, we'd get a "So, Who Would Win?" future feature.

I say future, because for this entire month, I'll be doing having Halloween-themed editions of "So, Who Would Win?", just like I did last year.
Should be fun.

Oh, and here's some SWAG that arrived earlier today:

It's the Jane Foster Thor and Unworthy(More like young Thor really)Thor from the Marvel Legends Thor: Ragnarok movie wave.

I was originally going to go all in on this wave for the very badass Gladiator Hulk BAF, but then I changed my mind, and figured I had enough Hulks as it was, do I really need another one? Nawww.

So after buying the Ares figure in this wave,  I have a total of 3 BAF parts. Idk, maybe Googum will want them.....

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