Wednesday, December 09, 2015

"What's So Civil About War Anyways?"

Happy Hump Day!!!!

I don't know if you heard the news yet, but apparently this is happening:

Yup Marvel's officially, and finally, ran out of original ideas. I mean I guess you say that's certainly been the case for some time now, but yeah, Marvel's really stepping up they're trolling game on fans this time.

And yeah, I'm sure they justify it by trying to seem clever for timing this in-sync with the movie version of the first one, but

And you know who's writing this disaster?

Why the one and only Brian fucking Bendis of course!

Do they just not have any faith in any one of their many capable writers on staff, or was Hickman's work deemed so sophisticated and intricate, that the creative powers that be at Marvel decided they and the fans needed a mega-dose of Bendis to cleanse their reading palates?

I just don't get it. Why are they not even trying to be different and original anymore? Why are both companies driving away very creatively diverse artists and writers away in droves in favor of mass-produced homogenization and mediocrity?
You'd think a company, famed for being the "House of Ideas" from the very beginning wouldn't be in short supply of them.
Not anymore it seems, and it's been that way for long while.

I have no issues with the Civil War movie. It looks damn good based off the trailer alone. And of course I'm fine with the minor cinematic adjustments made for the movie. It's what's to be expected at this point. At least we'll finally be able to see Crossbones and Baron Zemo on a movie screen. But this whole sequel business? Naaaaaw. Hard pass brah.

I feel bad for the hardcore Iron Man fans though.
They've just had to endure two or three years of Tony being a villain again not so long after his last stint as one during the original Civil War almost ten years ago.

What do you say to them? "Hang in there, it'll get better?"

Not anytime soon by the looks of it....

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