Thursday, December 03, 2015

Fantasy Team-Up: Black Panther and Deadman


Okay so this one came to me last week, and I figured, Hey this would make a good pairing for Fantasy Team-Up.

Black Panther and Deadman.

At first glance you'd think these two really don't have anything even remotely in common.
Well you'd be wrong. Dead wrong.

Ever since writer Jonathan Hickman got his hands on T'Challa and re-inserted him into Marvel's super-group the Illuminati, his star power and importance in the MU has grown and grown.

As has his abilities.
After a vicious sneak attack by Dr. Doom forced T'Challa to have to chose his sister Shuri to take his place as the new Black Panther and ruler of Wakanda, T'Challa found himself bereft of his usual abilities and enhancements.
So he sought out the Panther god Bast and after having to choose between being King of Wakanda again (which would've meant automatic death for his sister) or become Bast's King of Necropolis, T'Challa chose to become the King of the Dead and the powers that that title entailed.

So, now that you've learned about that, what do you think now about the pairing of T'Challa and Deadman?

In my scenario Rama Kushna (the deity responsible for Boston Brand's resurrection into the hero we know as Deadman) has a new and very important mission for Deadman. One that requires him to to go the African nation of Wakanda, and seek of the King of the Dead himself, the Black Panther.

Likewise, Bast has appears to T'Challa and informs of a dark and foreboding disturbance in the land of the dead. T'Challa's felt it too now for some time, as its haunted him in his dreams. A dark and sinister figure that seeks to return from his forced exile into the void.

Bast informs T'Challa in expect an a visitor from another world, an ally who is a ghost. But not just any ghost. A ghost that is the chosen emissary and champion of a fellow god involved in this new undertaking. A Deadman.

And somewhere, out in the void, eagerly clawing and scratching to reach the land of the living, a long dark figure makes a promise. A promise to return and get revenge on all of those who sent him to that living and unending hell of a purgatory.

"Finally I am free! After so long I was neither asleep nor awake; denied the quiet darkness that was my birthright. But I have returned and now, I bring the living world a gift. A gift that ensure that ensure my return to eternal darkness...for both of us. A gift of eternal sleep and endless night. 

And then he eerily laughs.


Yes folks, Nekron's back. And although he maybe severely weakened, he's no less dangerous.
So yeah, looks like the Black Panther and Deadman have a hell of a long fight on their hands.

Well that's me for this week. As always feel free to let me know what you think about this and any other of my posts from this week.

Have a good one.....

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