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Top 10 Action Figures I Want To See Based Off Marvel's Netflix Shows

Happy Hump Day People!!!!

I don't know about you guys, but I have shit-ton of TV shows and movies to catch up on, and the list keeps growing. And all in addition to the shows I already watch regularly.

One show I'm binge-watching at the moment though is the highly-acclaimed(and rightfully so) Jessica Jones Marvel Netflix series...on duh Netflix of course.

If haven't already watched it or are watching it, you really should.
It's very intelligently written, acted and directed, with an overarching story that not only makes sense, but keeps you glued in anticipation of what's coming next.

Starring in the lead role of Jessica Jones, is Krysten Ritter, who you may remember primarily from a little show called Breaking Bad.

Following the source material from Brian Bendis's series Alias, the show focuses on Jessica Jones as a super-powered private eye, who's trying to leave an awful past behind her that keeps haunting her.

If you already know the story and who's( wink wink) haunting her, It's the Purple Man, and damn if actor David Tennant doesn't play the hell out of him.

You may remember from primarily from his stint as the 10th Doctor on Doctor Who for 5 years.
I've seen him on other shows, like a PBS Masterpiece Theater mini-series, where he played the title role of the famous lover, Casanova, as well as recently playing a haunted detective in the BBC series Broadchurch.

Again, even though the Purple Man story is pretty done for now, I hope he can pop up elsewhere again, like in flashbacks or something similar because he's way too gifted to be let go by Marvel.
Rumor has it he'll also be starring in Luke Cage's upcoming Netflix series, but we don't officially in what capacity yet.

And then there's Luke Cage, Jones's somewhat boyfriend, and Trish Walker, a.k.a. Hellcat.
Oh and Will Simpson too, who later becomes one of Daredevil's old foes, the drug-enhanced super-soldier, Nuke.

Based off all these cool characters, and the upcoming Luke Cage and Iron Fist Netflix series, I think now's the right time to start putting out action figures of them.

More than likely, they'll probably be Marvel Select figures, and that's alright with me.
I mean sure, you'll be sacrificing some articulation versus say the Marvel Legends line, but what you'll be lacking in articulation, you'll more than gain back in beautifully crafted paint and sculpt detail.

So, here's my Top 10 Action Figure Wishlist based of the Marvel Netflix shows so far....

10). Jessica Jones

While ideally I'd want an variant Jones figure in her short-lived Jewel costume, I guess one can settle for her leather jacket and skinny jeans look.

9). Killgrave, The Purple Man

If you have Jessica, you gotta' have this creepy fuck too. I'd go for both the regular comic version with the purple skin, and the Netflix version. I don't know about what possible accessories would come with Killgrave though, other than a folder full of photos of Jessica Jones.

8). Luke Cage

Personally I'd rather just see Hasbro re-issue the Luke Cage figure that came out in the SDCC Exclusive Thunderbolts Box Set, because that set is hella' expensive....even for a loose Luke Cage figure from that set. Not to mention the Crossbones figure from the same set. It'd just be easier on my wallet if they did, and more helpful if its more available in stores.

7). The Kingpin

Hey, you can't tell me there wouldn't be demand for a Vincent D'Onofrio-looking version of the Kingpin. I know I'd be down to get one. Hell maybe you can even pretend he's that same detective from Law and Order, only he eventually snapped one day and went to the dark side....It could happen;)

6). Iron Fist

Sure we haven't seen what he'll eventually look like, other than maybe what we're seeing here, but there doesn't mean there shouldn't be a figure made in his graven image when he does debut.

5). Elektra

Yeah I know, we haven't fully seen her, nor have we seen her in all her red ninja outfit-ness either. But come the next upcoming season of Daredevil, we damn sure will. Now I don't know how often and in what capacity she'll be appearing, but I think its safe to say we'll see her regardless, and that an action figure of her outfit should follow.

4). Moon Knight (Current Armored and Suited Look)

This one's a bit of a cheat since MK has appeared or is appearing in any of these Netflix shows just yet, but damn if I don't really, really want to see a figure of his new look. It's just so Bad-ass!
Plus I want one him in his all-white Mr. Knight suited-look as well. He looks fucking pimp brah!

3). Daredevil's Red Suited Look

Another cheat, I know, but how cool of an idea was this brief look ol' DD sported during the last days of Waid/Samnee's run? I want a figure of this yesterday! Right Googum?;)

2). The Punisher

Much like Iron Fist, we haven't 100% seen what actor Jon Bernthal's Punisher will look like. But when we finally do, there should be an exact figure in his likeness ready to role out.

1). Daredevil

For more than obvious reasons, this one for me, would be the truly most-sought after figure in the bunch. Just based off the very well-designed costume that finally debuted at the end of season one.
I for one don't understand how there's not an action figure of this version out already.

Whatta' think folks? Any suggestions for looks or characters I missed?

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