Thursday, August 13, 2015

So, Who Would Win?: Dr. Strange VS. Dark Phoenix


Hey, before I get to today's edition of So, Who Would Win?, I've been meaning to show off my SWAG, specificially my birthday swag.

Well, here it is......

Starting off first with the action figure portion of my swag, I bought the Wal-Green's ML exclusive Black Ant figure, Then at a comic shop I bought the DCSH Parasite figure and the DC Direct Manhunter(Walt Simonson version).

At another comic store, I bought the DC Collectibles CSA  Super Woman figure. She's a very welcome addtion to the New 52/updated CSA figures I have on my shelf. Damn she looks good though!

Then my sister bought me the new ML Wasp figure from the recent Antman wave. She's a much-needed improvement over her last ML faaaaaaaar!

On the comics front....

#'s 2-4 of The Falcon mini-series from the early 80's, Avengers#280, Mark Millar's Avengers2#2(big mistake:(

#4 of the Weird mini-series(good stuff), Daredevil#269(King of Thessly did a post on his blog about this one) Fantastic Four#277, Hellstorm#'s 2-4(You guys should really give this Vertigo-esque title a shot)

Sleepwalker#'s 13-16, Darkhawk#10, Hellstorm#6

Fantastic Four#354, Secret Wars: Civil War#1 and 2, Secret Wars: Squadron Sinister#'s 1 and 2(you know how I'm a sucker for the Squadron Supreme)

Fanstic Four#'s 366-3667, Avengers#'s 16-17 and USA Comics one-shot.

Adventures of Superman#466, FF Annual '98, Midnight Sons Unlimited#9, Moon Knight#'s 15-16.

Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars#'s 1-3. Soooooo worth checking out.

That's my b-day stash. Not a bad haul this year.

Now, onto today's fantasy matchup, Dr. Strange versus the Dark Phoenix.

Hell of a matchup power-wise huh?

I mean on one hand, you have Dr. Strange, the sorceror supreme of the MU. That means he has access to pretty much unlimited magical knowledge. He has a lifetime of practice in the mystic arts, applying the same dedication to magic that he once applied to the field of medicine as a neurosurgeon.

And really, if you look at his powers and the things he could and can do, there's not much he's limited by other than his own human stamina.

The Dark Phoenix on the otherhand is not usually encombered or inhibited by human stamina problems.
Its only problems happen when it comes to the human host it uses. Otherwise, the Phoenix force is power personified, capable of snuffing out planets and stars like nothing, but also is an undying engine of rebirth and renewal.

Now we all know how much trouble the Phoenix initially caused the X-Men, and then later on the avengers and the whole MU.

Imagine the incredible amounts of energy released during this fight.
Will Doc Strange be forced to banish the Phoenix to another realm if he can't destroy it?
Will the Phoenix attempt to posses and than burn out Dr. Strange if it can't?

That's what you guys will have to decide, as you choose who's the ultimate survivor from this fantastic fight.


Dr. Strange


The Dark Phoenix

Who Wins and Why?

Hope you guys and gals have a good and safe weekend.......


Randomnerd said...

I'd have to give this one to Dark Phoenix. Sure, Strange is the sorcerer supreme, but DP is the cosmic equivalent of a typhoon, but with targeting abilities. He might evade her for a while, but in the end his butt would be toast.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

how was that Squadron Sinister issue? I came across some of the pages in a Previews issue and although I've never been into Squadron Supreme I have to admit I was pretty intrigued with this alternate version of them.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

also, that FF #277 issue in your stash is a good ROM tie-in to the conclusion of the Wraith War. the back pages even has a full page house ad for ROM#65 but unfortunately it was penciled by shitty steve ditko which takes away much of the coolness of the ad.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: I can definitely see why you'd pick DP over Strange. Even though he's used to dealing with Galactus, Eternity, etc. Dark Phoenix would definitely be a hard foe to fight.

Shlomo: Really good Shlomo. Of course I'm naturally biased, but I'm liking the story put ut so far. Plus there's supposed to be a SS ongoing post-SW, so we'll see.

I totally agree with you on Ditko's ROM art being horrible man. After seeing covers by artists like Michael Golden and Mike Zeck, it just really showcases why Ditko was not a good fit art-wise on a book like ROM despite it being a sci-fi book. Ditko's style just didn't evolve past the 60's era, and it showed on the later books he'd draw.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

YES, and look at just how cool that house ad would have looked had Zeck done it

even the eternal defender of dikto, K.o.T gets caught here in this video of his saying that ditko's pencil's suck on Speedball in the early 90s (at 6:45 min)

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha, yeah I know Ditko's his guy, but yeah, those later works, like Speedball, Squirrel Girl, etc, just bad. which is a shame when you consider how legendary and innovative his still was/is. His obvious strenghts were n drawing weird sci-fi/horror tales, then superheores like Spidey, Dr. Strange, and The Creeper and the Question. But afterwards? His style just never progressed or seemed to fit in the landscape of art after his run was over. To be fair, even the King, Kirby, faced rejection when he came back to Marvel over his style.....

Sam Fryer said...

If Greg Land does the art, we all lose.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Sam Fryer: I hear ya' man. His artwork can be pretty to look at, but its so overly obvious that he steals directly from magazine and fitness books that's reDONKulous.

Still pretty to look at though....

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