Tuesday, August 11, 2015

So, Who Would Win?: Dr. Doom VS. Kang The Conqueror

Yes folks, its another edition of So, Who Would Win?, and its going on all week-long. Well until Friday, but you get the point.....

Today's fantasy match-up is between Dr. Doom and Kang The Conqueror.
Whew boy.....you guys are in for a loooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnngggggg fight on this one.

We already know both have handy devices nearby to effortlessly travel through time(moreso on Kang's end, but you get the point) and that means the UltronWar part 2, but with Doom.

For those that don't get that reference, back after the events of Dark reign ending, Bendis had one last Avengers run left in him( if he ever had it in him at all) and decided to go with Time's broken. Kang shows up of course, and was heavily featured during that run, especially in afuturistic event called the Ultron War, where Kang and Ultron fight for a really, really long time becaus Kang keeps popping in and out of time, creating divergent timelines where the the fighting went on forever.

Well, this would be the Doom-version of that, but more complexer and definitely a lot more interesting.
We got a small teaser of this during The Infnity War(immediate sequel to the Infinity Guantlet) with the two teaming up to take out the Magus on their own, but bickering like an old married couple the whole way through. It teased but never delievered.

But today I will.

While both have a very proficent mastery of science and futuristic technology, Doom has the edge in mastering both science and magic.

Both have multiple verisons of themselves, not counting Doom's Doombots alone, and thus war would make the infamous 100 year-war between France and England look like a small, summer fling.....


.....to be more hip and now, it'd be like a meaningless twitter war between #TheRealDOCTORDOOM and #Kang-DiddyDaMadConqueror because Doc Doom thinks "K-Diddy" is a dumb nickname for Kang,or something equally dumb as that. You get he idea.

We know Doom's main strengths are his ego, suit, magic and science skills, doombots, and his mind.
His main weaknesses are his ego, pride, and vanity.

Not all that different from kang's weaknesses if I/you really think about it.


Dr. Doom


Kang The Conqueror

Who Wins and Why?
I'd love to hear the scenarios you guys cook up for this one and well as who you pick as the ultimate winner.


Randomnerd said...

Chaos would win, and the world would end. Neither has sufficient lack of ego to stop the battle before utterly destroying existence as we know it.

Dale Bagwell said...

Exactly. They'd wind up causing some kind of timeline crisis and be forced to ask for help from thier superheroic peers.

Otherwise, I'm going for Doom for the win.

Randomnerd said...

He does scare me more. I think it's the whole iron mask thing.

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha! That does help. I remeber when the mask itself attacked the FF back in FF#268. Dude, that cover alone should freak you out about the mask.

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