Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Top 5: Marvel Hero Mashers You Probably Won't See, But Should

Happy Hump Day

So I was thinking of making a Top 5 list for today, and it occurred to me that I haven't really commented on some amazing toys that Lil' Mr. Morbid would've LOVED back in the day.

They're called Marvel Hero-Mashers, and they're custom made for kids.

Because you get to play Dr. Frankenstien and mix and match various body parts, creating your own unique hero/villain mash-up.

Surely you guys have already seen the commericals right?

So you guys get the basic idea.

Well all those mixing and matching possibilities got me thinking about certain characters that exist in the MU that would be perfectly deserving of their own Hero Masher figure.

So, without further ado......

5). Franken-Castle

I imagine this version of Frank might be a hard sell with the execs, seeing as how Franken-Castle might not seem kid-friendly.

I think so though. You can always soften the details and stitches on FrankenCastle so as to not scare the kiddies too much.

4). Grant Morrison-Era Sentienls

If you want, I guess you can pretty much make these with the Transformers Hero-Mashers, but how cool would it be to make mashed-up, crazy-ass versions of those ever-popular mutant-hunting robots right?
Inspired by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, kids all over could cobble together these weird-looking horrors to spook their X-Men figures.

I know I would.

3).  Deathlok

Maybe Marvel will eventually put out a Deathlok Hero Masher figure one day, especially seeing as how he's super popular ever since his appearences on the SHIELD TV show.

Because really, who wouldn't want to make their own Deathlok-ized versions of Captain America or Spider-Man?


Okay so maybe the Super-Skrull might eventually be made. After all, just look at the possibilites one could have making him? Or just other Skrulls in general.

I guess maybe the real stretch would be suggesting seeing action figures of the Skrull Kill Krew then;)

1). Terror Inc.

Yep. Terror Inc.
The dude's whole gimmick is soley based off grabing spare parts and grafting them onto himself so he can benefit from whatever power or ability said spare parts contain.

Despite being absolutley perfect for this concept, he's just not kid-friendly enough to look at.
Maybe he could get kidified, no one outside of major Marvel trivia buffs would have an idea who the hell this guy is.
Sorry Terror. Better luck......never.

I myself haven't jumped on the Hero-Masher bandwagon just yet. Despite being solid toys and the re-use factor, I'm not a big fan of the $14.99 price tag. And yes, I pay more than that for my regualr 6-inch figures, I just can't see myself investing money in yet another collection of figures.

But yes, Little Me would've begged for these little bastards back in the day.
I think he's pissed at me now for not buying any already.....


The King of Thessaly said...

1993's SkyBox Marvel Universe Series-IV, I still remember that Terror Inc. card...

Hilarious list! They all fit perfectly with how the toys work. Man, I see the appeal of them- but like you said- I don't need them at all... I'll stick to my Socket Poppers, and Xevoz.

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah, they look cool and all, I'm just not interested. I'd rather just go on collecting new Marvel Legends releases, and playing catch up with ML and DCUC figures I don't already have.

Dan W said...

I seriously thought there was a super skrull one? Man I must have been hallucinating. Truth be told I have gone to buy both the Ghost Rider and Iron Fist ones more than once...

These are all awesome ideas - Franken-Castle, Skrull and Deathlok especially.

Adding to this, my 5 would be:

1) Absorbing Man (one of my fav Marvel rogues of all time)

2) Yellow shirt and chains Luke Cage

3) Terrax

4) Beast or Sasquatch

5) M.O.D.O.K.

This was so hard to chose! Cable, Doctor Strange,
Spiral, Thing, Gargoyle from The Defenders, Archangel, Gladiator, Arnim Zola... the list really does just keep growing and growing.

Dale Bagwell said...

Nice list Dan.
MODOK would be a hard one to see made, but who knows.
Asorbing Man though definitely. He's just a natural for this gimmick of no one else is.

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