Thursday, January 22, 2015

So, Who Would Win?: Green Lantern(Hal Jordan) Vs. Nova(Rich Rider)


Who's up for some So, Who Would Win?

Here's one for the ages, as I pit the Green Lantern against Nova.

We all know Hal's deal and powers.

Nova too, especially the Richard Rider version.

A conclusive fight between these two has long, long been in order.

After all, Marvel "borrowed" the concept of an entire police force based around a popular franchise hero from Green Lantern....who in turn also "borrowed"  said concept from the earlier science ficton writings of author Edward Elmer "Doc" Smith's Lensmen.


Green Lantern(Hal Jordan)


Nova(Richard Rider)

Who Wins and Why?

Tell me who you thinks wins out in this cosmic classic clash.
Say that drunk or sober three times fast;)


Randomnerd said...

Can I say Green Lantern just so I can console Nova afterwards at the bar?

No, but seriously, I really think the green ring of will could probably overpower the powercop. Not that the light show wouldn't be impressive. And we should probably hold it in a mudpit. Or in the rain. Yeah.

Dan W said...

While Nova would keep his distance and repeatedly blast Hal Jordan doing continuous fly-bys from all directions at lightning speed, Hal was trained by Kilowog and practises in the Watchtower against Superman and The Flash.

He knows speedsters, and is used to targeting not where they are but where they will be. Armed with the better weapon he power-rings a whole series of trains and their carriages in front of Rich to collide into, tieing the wreckage to the Human Rocket with Power Ringed chains and a harness.

Flying up face to face with Nova, Hal smirks 'Faster than a speeding bullet you may be. More powerful than a locomotive you are not'. and then just uppercuts him to finish the fight with a personal touch.

Dale Bagwell said...

Yes you can Ging. We all know you like the dick(rider)anwyays;)

I definitely agree with the general concensous that Hal wins this one.

Dan pretty much explained why, and I concur.
Hal's just more experienced.
Now if it were another Lantern, than maybe I can see Nova winning, especially considering he's no slouch in the power department. After all, he does, or did, house the entire power of the Nova Corps, much like I guess Hal did when he became Parallax.

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