Monday, January 19, 2015

The Man Of The Hour

As promised folks, the continuation and conclusion of Dr. Fate and Hourman's quickly becoming unpleasent talk:

The End

Yeah, I don't think talking about your old buddy's sexual stamina is all that pleasent or appealing either.

In recent action figure news, I recently bought the Hydra Soldier that came in the Captain America Infinite Series BAF Mandroid wave:

I bought this guy at my local K-Mart two weeks ago. He's not bad, especially the face, but he's not as good as the previously released one from a few years back.
Still overall, he's a decent figure with some weird guns that remind me of GI Joe than anything else.
Definitely army builder material....if you have plenty of $ to spare that is.

Saturday I really treated myself though, and bought this:
This awesome 3-pack inludes a re-issued Cap with an extra head that previously came with the Super-Soldier Steve Rogers figure.

He's pretty damn cool though, and will probably be my default Cap figure from now on.
Goo, I swear I didn't set out to own 5 different Cap figures(6 if you count that Steve Rogers Super-Soldier figure)

The main draw for me for this set, was the totally new addition to the ML family, Radioactive Man. He's a silver age villain from way back, and I'm glad they chose to go with his classic look, rather than the updated containment suit look he wore while he was in Warren Ellis' Thunderbolts.

You also get a slightly updated Ms. Marvel figure, but she's pretty much already outdated since Hasbro's releasing a newer, more updated figure in her recent Captain Marvel look.
I'm definitely getting that wave myself, that includes Machine Man, classic-ish Hawkeye, Marvel Now Thor, Sentry, and maybe the Scarlet Witch(who looks a millions times better than her previous figure)

I bought this set for only $30(Plus tax) from Target. They were offering the set on clearence for only 30$(regualrly 50$) so I got them to match the price from online, and here we are.
Gotta' love when stores actually do that, right?


The King of Thessaly said...

Radioactive Man looks AWESOME! -That would be the only reason I'd buy the set...

Dale Bagwell said...

He pretty much was, although that Cap is pretty damn decent too.

What sucks is that I see they made a classic Grim Reaper figure for the smaller Marvel Universe figures, but not in the 6 inch ML scale. DAFAQ!?

Randomnerd said...

He's pretty sweet. And a nice cap on your Caps. (Insert groan)

I just recently set up all my figures again in my front hall. I'd forgotten what it was like to have to be careful when mopping and sweeping around precariously perched Titans. But they look mighty fine out on display. Finally. Again.
Now I need more.

Dale Bagwell said...

You'll always need more Ging. Trust me. Comes with the territory;)

Methinks an attempt at making a skit based off your near misadventure into cleaning needs to be done;)

Randomnerd said...

True dat. Especially the part where poor Wally broke off his precarious perch and is now laying atop his shiny Titan's base. *sigh*. I need to find the glue.
I really wish I still had all of my Babylon 5 figures, but I have a sneaking suspicion they were thrown out in a move. It would have been awesome to put G'Kar next to Trigon.

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