Thursday, September 04, 2014

So, Who Would Win?......The Guardians of The Galaxy(Star-Lord) VS. The Starjammers


So what's up people?

Move LCS just moved a little further from its previous spot,  yet still resides in town thank god.
The owner cited weak sales lately, and apparently that seems to be the general consensus amongst local shop owners this summer.


Is this the beginning of a disturbing trend with comic shops nationally, or just here where I live in the state  of South Carolina?

Fall will tell us I guess.

I did pick up the first issue of Multiversity.

Not bad, and very much a sequel to Final Crisis. It's just that Morrison's being coy in some areas about it, and not so coy in others.

Definitely plenty of shout-outs, homages, and easter eggs, if you know you're history. But you don't exactly need an encyclopedic knowledge of history just yet. But it does help get the gags and references.

Overall its not a bad read, and hopefully this all actually leads to something meaningful happening and lasting. Final Crisis didn't really matter all that much Post-Reboot, so here's hoping.

If the rumored 30th anniversary events of the original CRISIS are true, maybe the NU52 version starts here.

I've also been going through action figure-buying withdrawal, so I bought the NU52 DC Collectibles Orion figure:

Very cool figure. His re-designed Astro-Glider looks decent enough, even though the middle part looks like he salvaged it from a Moped. 
His visor lefts up, and his packaging comes with a colorful back scene.

Only complaint from me, besides the lack of torso articulation except for the swivel waist, how damn hard it is for him to actually grip those damn handles!

Fuck me running!
Still a fine addition to my collection overall.

Grow your nails NU52 Superman! Orion's coming for your girl!

Now onto today's random match-ups between teams and/or individuals.
Today I'm pitting the recent Star-Lord led version of the GOtG against their true, spiritual match, the Starjammers.
Both are led by human captains, and are usually considered outlaws most of the time.

The Guardians Of The Galaxy


The Starjammers

So, Who Would Win?
And Why?

Have a good weekend people......


Randomnerd said...

Can I just say the Starjammers because I have a weakness for kitties?

The King of Thessaly said...

-Starjammers; because I have a weakness for Ch'od! (no homo.)

Randomnerd said...

You know, when you add that, no one believes you.

The King of Thessaly said...

-Fine then; ALL OF THE HOMO!

Randomnerd said...

Didn't that feel good, KoT?

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: when u said all the homo, I was envisioned that family guy bit with peter telling China, "hello China? Ys. All the tea." Lol

@random: Did not know that.
I'm going for the guardians guys. Its too obvious people.

Corsair's got quill beat by experience, while the team of drax and groot alone could kick the starjammers ass by sheer power alone.

Thanks for the picks guys.

Randomnerd said...

To clarify: A weakness for kitties who wear awesome outfits and shoot guns.
Kitties in the real world creep me out.

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