Monday, September 22, 2014

Fuck The Mouse!

What's up people?
How was your weekend? Good?  Bad?  So-So?

Mine wasn't too bad myself. Plus it's finally fall bitches! Very happy about the cooler weather change.

Forgot to mention some swag from last Wednesday.
-I finally found and bought the last two issues of Warren Ellis' Moon Knight run with #'s 5 and 6. Way to wrap up that run Mr. Ellis. Wish you were staying.

-Also bought the Multiversity: Secret Society of Super-Heroes. Hot damn I wish this was a regular series. Definitely has that Seven Soldiers vibe to it, but a damn fine read it was.

-Sandman: Overture#3 was its usual brilliance. I'm not entirely sure where Gaiman is ultimately going with this, other than leading up to the events of Sandman#1, but I'm enjoying the ride nonetheless.

So, who's up for skits?

The End

Well he does;)

This one's for Karl, because I know how much he loves the Creeper;)
If your faces exactly matches his while you fap, you're a very naughty boy indeed Karl;)


karl said...

Never mind how my face looks while im er..fapping [curious term you have there, Dale] just be careful you don't turn into the Creeper, talk about obsessed yo.
Lost all respect [and I had none to begin with] for Namor after he let the Black Panther beat the shit outta him in last months New Avengers.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: I think in a way, he felt he owed BP that for flooding Wakanda.
Either way, he's firmly back on the bad guy path now that he's thrown in with Thanos and friends, creating a new Cabal.
Sure he made very difficult decision by pulling the trigger and destroying the incursion world when the others wouldn't or couldn't. But now? That slippery slope just descended to villain-ville.

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