Wednesday, September 10, 2014

So Who Would Win?......Mel Gibson Edition

Happy Hump Day People

So I just had a crazy-ass idea; Pit two well-known Mel Gibson-played characters from their respective movies, and have 'em battle it out to the death.

But I had a hard time deciding which two to use?

So I said fuck it, and turned it into a FATAL FOUR-WAY!!!!!
You're welcome King;)

So, here's our merciless participants:

From the 80's cult classic, and soon to be remade with Tom Hardy, from the movie The Road Warrior, here's Mad Max.

Next up, from one the best movies to come out of the mid-90's, and one of my personal favorites, from the movie Braveheart.....

 Sir William Wallace 

From another personal favorite of mine, The Patriot, here's Benjamin Martin:

Last but certainly not least, from the mega popular 80's-90's franchise Lethal Weapon,

 here's SGT. Martin Riggs:

Okay guys and gals.....Who Would Win and Why?


Randomnerd said...

I'm going with The Patriot Mel Gibson. Sure, all the rest are badass and all, but that Mel was experienced in guerilla warfare. And (not a dis at all) seemed to me to be more morally malleable to a given situation. Not afraid to get his hands dirty against an opponent. Of course, he'd have to have a reason for it. But that's scenario based.

Dale Bagwell said...

Good choice Random. You can definitely make a case that he truly was more battle experienced. Especially in the realm of Guerrilla warfare.

Mad max used to be cop, so I figure that, and all those years beyond Thunderdome helped hone his fighting skills as well.

Sir Wallace had in warfare himself to be a beast to earn his rep.

And Riggs.
Riggs was just fucking nuts.

That being said, I gotta' lean towards Benjamin Martin. Never dismiss the power of his hatchet, "The Boss."

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i would be happy to see mel gibson fucken die no matter who he went up against.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo: I guess I can see why you'd feel that way, especially in light of his views and thoughts on Jews.

I figure considering your religious affiliation and personal experiences, you'd at least pick Sir William Wallace for the hell of it. After all, like the Jews, the Scots(and Irish) were persecuted as well.

Miss seeing you and your captions on FB., and your thoughts on Isis.

Randomnerd said...

I haven't told the kids about Mel's verbal transgressions. Gwen's favorite movie is Signs. She'd be crushed.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

my last farcebook account got suspended a couple of months ago. as for ISIS, just the latest group of the clowns from the never ending circus of islamic radicalism that leftist anti-semites and right wing Jew haters like gibson seem to be oblivious too. for now all i can say is that i hope Obama's plan to take out those mother fuckers proves effective but only time will tell. by the way i know you and Random are big Sons of Anarchy fans i got around to seeing the final season premier and it was pretty fucken good. it still cracks me up how how the Jax character is played by an actor who isn't an American he does a great job of hiding his native accent.

Randomnerd said...

Man, now I wanna watch Pacific Rim.
I'm about a season behind on SoA. (Like every other show I watch.). Some weekend I need to have a binge marathon.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: Damn girl, you're still a season behind!? You're almost as bad as Googum when it took him almost a full year to watch all of the final season of Breaking Bad. Ha ha ha

Hurry up and catch up. That way this season, especially the first episode of this season will make more sense.

@Shlomo: yeah I remember that. Just make another profile man.
Yeah it really is a trip to watch Jax, but then you watch something like the Son's Afterword, and all of a sudden you're like the"Whoa! When'd Jax start talking & sounding like Dan?" Lol.

How'd you like last week's premier episode Shlomo?

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

"sounding like Dan?", that was great i wonder if Dan knows about that show. anyways, in the past Sons was something of a mixed bag with me i would watch a few episodes here and there. but i really thoroughly liked that premier episode i've set my DVR to record the series. i'm also really diggin FX's The Strain that show is awesome. same goes for Ray Donovan and The Last Ship is pretty good too.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo: I'm trying to get into the Strain myself.It sounds and looks like a pretty decent concept, but I'm just meh on it. If I had super cable, I'd definitely be watching Ray Donovan for sure, and The Knick with Clive Owen.

I only watched one episode of Sons while in the hospital once 5 years ago, but started watching pretty regularly with the 5th season.
I've been so impressed with it, I've stuck with it. reminds of Oz a bit.

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