Tuesday, February 04, 2014

That's Hollyweird For Ya'

So actor Jesse Essenberg, that guy from movies like Zombieland, and The Social Network, where he played Mike Zuckerberg, has been officially cast as Lex Luthor in the new Superman/Batman movie.

Well shit.

Yeah I was pissed initially. Still am. It's a massive miss-cast, and just tells you all you need to know about the place I call Hollyweird.

SO here's my response this major, major fuck up:

The End


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

as if the reboot wasn't bad enough. well i guess that settles it as far as the question about if DC is a drug free work place.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo: Right? Seriously wtf are they thinking over there? I give up....

Oh, and I'm not drug-free and very proud of it. Oddly enough my skits don't suffer from any adverse effects from said drugs. Good to know I'm sure.

Dan W said...

I've honestly giving up caring on this movie. The eyes rolled on this news and they just never came back down. It reminds my of X-Babies, Muppet Babies and all those spin-offs - as Lex? Seriously? Has he even needed to shave yet?

Such a shame because Cavill as Superman was soo great.

Why WB stick to just one film per year when Universal, Fox, Netflix, Sony and Marvel are making films or TV series leading to films was hard enough.

They should atleast give WB offshoot New Line, Spectre, New Gods, and Sandman to get the other side of DC going.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

shit, i gave up on DC a long time ago. except for when it comes to their animated movies they've had some good ones. by the way i just posted some new fan art i did that has features Jack of Hearts in the costume he had in that awesome Avengers issue where he "died"

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Great ideas, and worthy enough for DC/Warner Bros to do. They're taking such a beating movie-wise it's not even funny. How the hell we don't already have a live-action JL movie at this point is beyond ridiculous.

@Shlomo: Exactly.

Dan W said...

Or that Ant Man will best Wonder Woman to a movie. That'd be a joke 10 years ago. Hell even 6.

karl said...

This isn't the only bad news of the day...over on my FF forum we've just got the pleasant news that Fox are casting for a WOMAN to play Doctor Doom in the new FF movie. For Fucks sake! Oh and the Torch will apparently be in a relationship with her too, fucking hell...
Has Eisenberg even begun shaving yet? I swear Ive got more hair on my ass than he has on his face [and I wax regularly]. Never mind him shaving he has to start acting first, his smart-alec act got real old in that Facebook movie [I only ever watched it cause my ex-girl was practically flicking her bean watching it for Justin Timberlake, FFS].
Gene Hackman retired from acting when he turned 60 yet he could STILL out-act this little smug shit off the screen.

The King of Thessaly said...

Well sheeeiiittt.
I'm actually not upset about this. I hated Man Of Steel, so I'm not really concerned at all with the sequel. But I think characters like Batman and Lex are all in how they are played- not in how they look physically, per se. Where as Superman and Wonder Woman need to be more physically imposing in their look.
As for black Human Torch and female Doctor Doom. I am 100% okay with, and intrigued by this.
The only problems I foresee are racist jokes about a singed or ashy Johnny Storm. -And them making Female Doom's origin that she was in a jealous rage over the fact that Reed picked Sue over her, and that leads to the accident.

I don't know if you've heard yet- but I'd like to invite you- or anyone reading- to participate in a little internet-art-show I'm trying to put together on Feb. 27th. Anyone participating will post their submission/blog then.
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And don't be intimidated- we are not all professionals. Hell, I have not drawn anything in years, and I was never really that good anyways. -It's about the fun of it! And hopefully everyone will follow Wheaton's Law.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: For real!? Well, shit. Guess what FF movie I won't be watching then. Seriously, WTF!?

@King: You're a better and more tolerant man than me on this one King. I get what you're saying and all, I do. It;s just that it still makes no sense to cats the way they're casting lately. They were on a roll there for a bit, but I guess it was truly only a matter of time before the ball got dropped, and stupid decisions like this were made. Congrats dropping the ball Hollyweird. Never change.

Cool thing you got going on though King. I'll see what I can do about submitting stuff. Love it.