Monday, February 17, 2014

Battle-Blog: The Riddler VS. The Question

What's up people?
Miss me? Yeah I know you did.

So what a crazy ass week last week it was for me. Last power for a day from 5pm-5pm, when a winter storm swept through the area. It truly sucks to freeze your ass off all day, and you have no fucking clue when the power will come back on. I remember sitting and watching bright flashes of light that night that reminded of what people living in England back in WW2 felt like when the Germans bombed them. Power line after power line, and and blown up transformer after transforming filled the night sky with its glow. Each bright burst signifying a longer and longer wait until precious electricity was returned to the house.

But thankfully it came on. I was lucky, 'cause there's still a good number of people living in my town w/o power. Poor bastards.

So I guess I picked a good week to take off then I see....
And how was your weekend?

Here's a quick pick or two of some swag I got two weeks ago:

Not bad huh?

And here's the new Superior Spider-Man figure.
He's not bad, and does come with an extra set of hands. He's just on the small side for me. Not to mention, dookie brown for his eyes? Really?


Here's the first part of this week's skit sketch involving The Question and the Riddler. It just seemed like an actual fight you'd expect to break out between those two. And you know what they're fighting over? Who has the right to rock the question mark symbol. Yeah. Hey, wars have been started over less.....

To be continued.......

Sorry for the delay. Fucking computer is slowing down. plus it's taking literally hours just to upload these pics for some weird reason. Fucking blogger:(


The King of Thessaly said...

Have you seen Mattel's DC Superheroes tribute to Kenner's old Super Powers line? With the repainted Green Lantern that was sold in the Mexican "Super Amigos" line as the Riddler! So awesome! The dream becomes reality!!!

I used to have that Swimsuit issue! Hahaha!!! Funny that you got that before I even did my VD post... Let me know how Age of Ultron is- I've heard both good and bad...
And that Ms. Marvel cover. CAT-FIGHT! HA! -Partially literally.

I have not had any trouble with Blogger lately- and I upload huge images for the comic panels I use so they can be readable...

Question wins. He was trained by Lady Shiva and Richard fuckin' Dragon! Riddler is just Frank Gorshin. There was this moment in Spider-Man where The Chameleon was beaten by Mary Jane. He came after her and she just straight beat his ass! I found it online here: http://girlsreadcomics.wordpress.com/2011/02/16/memorable-marvel-moment-mary-jean-beats-the-chamelon/ -It was awesome!
Anyways- I feel like that could happen to The Riddler as well. You know- if Batman was banging a redhead...

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: Yes, yes I did. I can't wait, as I'll finally be able to buy the correct blue-colored Superman I've always wanted. Ditto on WW.

But Hal as the Riddler? Cray. Can't believe they wasted a slot on that but ok.....

That was a AoU tie-in, but it's all about Hank Pym. Mark Waid writes the hell out of it, leaving you rooting for Pym. Something that doesn't always happen I know.

No doubt about the Question winning. Hell, even Marvin and Wendy or Scooby/Shaggy could kick the Riddler's ass. Still, figured at least gimmick-wise, it'd be one of the fights you think should happen.

I'll read the link, but I know what you're talking about. How embarrassing for someone like the Chameleon right? Must be dat ass!

The King of Thessaly said...

That is SO not a wasted slot! That's a CLASSIC figure- the stuff of legend! It's the only one I even want! -Super Amigos!!!

Oh, it's a Mark Waid? I'll have to check the trade out from The Library some time... I don't really stay very up-to-date with the new stuff.

Yeah, gimmick-wise it's a great mash-up! They even met in the comics! I think it was The Question #26. He out-riddles him.

Spider-Man was riding high during those issues- a lot of good stuff was going on...

Welcome back, by the way.

Dan W said...

He's alive! That is an awesome Riddler figure. Question sure thinks a a lot. guess that's what havin no mouth gets ya.

Nice match up mr.

karl said...

Come on Dale your power cut may have been bad but nothing beats the way we British persevered during World War 2 [or so my grandparents told me] the population of London spent so much time in the dark underground they could've taken over the Mole Man's subterranean kingdom.As for the Riddler vs Question...I think the question beats him hands down if only for the verbal knack; Riddles is always so smug and sure of himself he never looks where hes going half the time.'Sides, the question always looks so fucking cool in his blue trenchcoat.

Neat swag you got there I only have half these issues myself I think.

Gotta love that Spidey figure.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

damn that Ms. Marvel cover art is HOT!

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: I'd love to find that particular issue actually. Damn you comic bins!!!!

Sorry king, but we'll have to agree to disagree on the Hal/Fake Riddler. They could've put someone else in there, like maybe a re-released Clark Kent figure. But that Hal figure? Ugh, no.

Still glad they're bringing that wave back for one last hurray, just wish we didn't have to wait this long for a Mr. Mxylpltz figure.

@Dan: Thanks. Sorry the 2nd parts' late today. Mostly comic work I'm doing for a new local comic imprint I'm apart of. I'll explain later.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: True, plus you just naturally like dark places I'm sure;)

Gotta' love that Question figure right? Damn I know I do. Waited a good bit, but I got as a christmas present two years ago.

The King of Thessaly said...

Yeah- that Question figure is very awesome. The Riddler too, though. I like them both a lot.
-Why you would not want an homage to a Mexican bootleg Riddler is beyond me... Like I said- it's the only thing I'm interested in from that line! I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff. -Have you seen the NES repaint variants for Freddy, Jason, Robocop, and Predator? So nerdy. I love it!
Did you just haphazardly mention you're working on an independent comic book?!? Say whhhaaaaaat?

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: I did, and I am. It's called Grindhorse comics, and I was approached to joiin soley based off my skits you see here and on Facebook. That's how I was invited to be the letterer. Than I gave em some of my original characters to use, we brainstormed ideas and shit, and they asked of I could color to an extent. I said I could, and off we went. We have a local con appearance March 1st followed up by other cons throughout the year.

So if you don't see regular posts by me, no you know why.