Thursday, February 06, 2014

Back-Issue Spotlight: Doctor Strange( Vol.1)#56

What's up people?

Yesterday sucked fucking ass for me.

Basically I got drunk late Tuesday night-early Wednesday morning, and decided to walk home from the bar, ducking out on my friends. Yeah don't ask me why. I walked a total of over 10 miles, as I got halfway home before realizing my phone was missing. I walked all the back to the bar, only to be told no phone was turned in. So I walked all the way home, only stopping to sit down for a quick couple of minutes since my fucking legs were killing me. They still are btw.

So I sit down at a local tech college bench. Cop rolls into the parking lot. I'm thinking, "Well, I guess I'm going to jail tonight."

I didn't. She let me go thankfully, and off I went to stumble home sometime around 3 in the morning.
Even with my legs killing me, and only a few hours of sleep, I biked it back up to the bar to look for my phone.

No such luck. Wound up doing that 2 more times. Still no phone.
So today, I'm having to buy a new phone and new minutes. Thankfully the previous minutes get transferred, and I can keep my same cell#.

So, how was your day yesterday?

Okay, so Back-Issue Spotlight time, with a visit from the good doctor himself, Dr. Strange.

Dr. Strange#56(Vol.1) (Dec '84) "A Mystic Reborn" by Roger Stern and Paul Smith.

Basically the story is way to give the reader a refresher course on the origin of Dr. Strange, while probably schooling new fans/readers. And Stern does a damn fine job of reviewing Dr.Strange's origin without going on and on. Short and simple, as it should be.

Well the good doctor is doing all this since he's giving a rare televised interview to reporter and potential love interest, Morgana Blessing. I don't know whatever happened to her after this series got cancelled. Maybe she's dead, idk. But during this time period she was Dr. Strange's romantic interest. Why reporters honestly?

I figure that's got to be rough to date or be married to one. They seem like they always want to know details, play 20 questions, that sort of thing. Fuck that you noisy bitches!

Anyhoo, accompanying Ms.Blessing is a film crew for a video production company. Yes video. While it was 1982. What'd you expect?

But all is not as it seems with said film crew, and it's not long at all after Strange goes over his origin story, that he calls out said film crew. Said film crew turn out to be old foes in disguise. Like mid-late-60's foes.

Standing revealed, the shit is on immediately as all three attack Dr.Strange. Apparently despite their skill-set, they seem to still be pretty much bush league compared to Strange, as he admits to toying with them.

Seeing that they're not getting anywhere fast, all three split up and run throughout Strange's mansion.
They quickly find out that the house is like the inside of a TARDIS, as each room or stairway just leads you along like a never-ending maze, full of twists and turns.

 Finally Dr. Strange tracks them down via his astral form and fights them off.

While distracted, the sorceress Adria tracks what she thinks is a way to get of Strange once and for all. Little does she know what it'll really do to her, and despite Strange's warnings, Adria sets the mystic orb off.

The orb goes off and sucks all three wannabe-magic thugs into the dreaded PURPLE DIMENSION!!!!
Is that where Grimace from Mickey D's is really from? No? Who cares, scary, purple bastard!

Strange reflects on what just happened, and assures the obviously distraught Ms. Blessing what it wasn't here fault bringing the film in, since she didn't know they were killers in disguise.

Well she didn't.

The story in this one is fairly quick, and shows off the origins of Dr. Strange and how he came to own and live in the infamous Sanctum Sanctorum mansion in the Greenwich Village.

What stands out to me more than anything, is the sweet, sweet Paul Smith artwork.
My god that man's criminally underrated, I and many others have noticed and remarked on not only the brilliance that is Paul Smith, but also how he homages Steve Ditko, but without the wonky Ditko art Shlomo's not a big fan off.

Smith, and maybe a select few others like Jim Starlin, John Byrne and the late Marshall Rogers have all in their careers homaged Ditko, but in their own unique style.

Go get this run of Dr. Strange, if nothing else for the sweet Paul Smith art. That shit was greatness back then.

Tomorrow, yes tomorrow, is my weekly WTFWTT? post.
See you then kids.


Dan W said...

Dr Strange is never Wong (laughs at worst comic joke ever). Every issue of Strange should have you thinking reality just threw up I reckon. Get Yanick Paquette on the job. His art on the debut of DCnU's Swamp Thing was the right kind of 70's trippy the good Doc needs.

Sorry bout your phone too mr! At least ya got home safe. If smart phones truly were smart they'd never get lost would they. Personally I blame false advertising. Never beer.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Wong.....Oh Danny, danny boy....

Thanks, and right? Apparently there's an app that tracks your missing phone. Would've been good to know ahead of time you know?

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

sorry to go off topic here Dale but i thought Arrow sucked last night. i might give it a try next week since it looks like a Deathstroke story line but if it fails to entertain me again that's it. but SHEILD wasn't bad this week even K.o.T kinda liked it.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Sholomo: Now see I liked it, but then I'm more invested in it than you at this point. Big off to the Canary storyline, lesbians, Not Talia being hot as hell, Ollie disowning his mom, and Deathstroke stepping up plans to stick it to Ollie. What's not too love?

And fuck SHIELD! The show blows like the cob-webbed covered farts from an old woman's asshole. I'm sure Karl just got a hard-on from reading that;)

Omega Agent1 said...

@Dale: man I'm rolling over tripping off your last comment. Dude.....funny as Hell.

Now as I regain my composure. The post is cool man, I miss the panel pages like 3 or 7. And your right I would buy the book for the art alone. Nice job man.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Tiger: Thanks man. Just calling it like I see it. I'm just glad it's not my grandma's cobweb-covered farts.....well 'cause she's dead, but you get the point.

You should get this run, like I said, the art alone by the fantastic Paul Smith is the shizznit. I wouldn't lie to you about that.....or shizz;)

Dan W said...

LOL your comment re SHIELD. That might be the best line typed since well ever. And right. If they weren't bringing in Deathlok I would already have given up. Hopefully the Marvel Netflix is better.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Arrow just feels like another Smallville to me. in fact all those CW shows do it's like the CW producers and writers recycle some kind of template from one series to the next. anyways, i'm not defending SHIELD i hardly payed attention to the almost all the episodes i DVRd in the first season and i was just about to throw in the towel but the finale was surprisingly good. honestly it's only about one or two boring episodes away from me saying fuck it. there just ain't any real good super hero stuff to watch on TV since Young Justice was pulled of the air.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo: In all honesty, I think I sat down to watch some of the first episode, and was like, yeah, fuck this!

I get your frustration about shows on the CW. Arrow does follow some of the mentioned templates they used in Smallville, so I won't even try to deny that. The show's strengths lie in the actors themselves(with the exception of that annoying bitch Laurel) and the wide range of DC characters they bring into the show.

Feel more than free to say fuck it though. I wouldn't blame you if you did. Otherwise, you're right, there's not much of anything decent superhero-related on TV unless you have super-cable or a dish network.

@Dan: Thanks. I typed that all out with my own two hands ya know;)

I'll admit just from seeing the screenshots on, the actor playing Deathlok looks like a much better choice than say casting Eisenberg as Lex, but the show still sucks.

karl said...

Hey I don't get hard-ons watching SHIELD - I wouldn't think anyone does tbh. That show sucks better than my exes, and that's saying something - Coulsons a nice guy but only as a foil to the major stars; on his own as the headliner he just isn't good enough. The show is typical Whedon shite - kick-ass girls acting tough and good-looking men and geeks galore. SPARE ME! We have had al that tons of times before in other Whedon shows.
I once had to walk three miles home in pitch darkness when my ride home from work couldn't turn up, and I got back home at 3 in the morning too, small world!
Hey those apps one can install on your phone...hers some advice they DONT tell you. The government can -if it needed to - track your movements if you use these apps and also if you have GPS tracking devices can also be redirected to your personal emails and texts, so don't leave them on all the time only when you absolutely need to use them, okay?
And anyway Dale what are you doing walking home by yourself leaving your friends behind, couldn't you do what we British do and have them carry you home, its so ungentlemanly!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: Good tips about those apps. Hopefully not coming personal experience, although almost knowing you by now, probably;)

I have no idea why I just took off like that. I was drunk, and was like fuck it, I'm going home. For that, I learned/paid an expensive lesson about taking off like that. Plus I felt even worse after my friend told me how he drove around town 3 times just to hunt me down. What can I say, when I drink sometimes, I'm a sonuvabitch, Whatta' going do?

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