Friday, December 09, 2011

"This is the end, my beatiful friend, the end...."

Well folks I really did it this time!
In the course of downloading various classic rock mp3's, I unwittingly downloaded a mega virus to my computer. I should've known better, shouldn't have been as greedy as I was, but I couldn't help myself. Like Larfleeze, I simply wanted more and more, and now I'm paying a heavy price for my actions.

By unwittingly downloading this mega-virus, I can no longer use Windows media player(can't play any of the music I downloaded or burn them) and I can't even use mspaint, which I used to create my sometimes funny, sometimes not skits.

So, I'll continue to leave this blog up so I can further scar future readers/passer-bys, but I'll no longer be able to update it. It's been a fun ride while it lasted, but now the fun's come to an end.

I'll continue to read and support other great bloggers like Goo, Dan, Martin, and others, so you'll still see me on the comments' section guys!

I'll be forced to use my local, friendly-neighborhood library now, so visits will be once a week.

Thanks everybody!


Dan said...

Merry Christmas mate - hope you and yours have a great festive season and thanks for being a great mate in 2011!

Dale Bagwell said...

Thanks for the very kind words and sentiments Dan! Likewise to you and yours sir! I hope you recieve all the good things in life that await you!

David H. said...

for what it's worth Dale i've been an advocate for capitol punishment for people who cook up viruses like the one that hit your computer for a while now ever since something similar happened to me last earlier this year. i'll understand if you have this comment removed after seeing it.

Dale Bagwell said...

Nahhh, I'm not going to be that petty. New Year, new me, new situations. In the immortal words of Rodney "Pinata" King, "Can't we all just get along? Ouch! stop beating me!"

And yes I wish computer death and CP to all that have nothing better to do on their own free time but to fuck up other people's computers.

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