Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"What's so civil about war, anyway?"

Hey guys,

So it seems the next big event this summer for the X-Men will center around the difference of opinions between Wolverine and Cyclops. Marvel's pimped this event, calling it the X-Men's "Civil War". Now I don't how bad this is going to get, or even if there's going to be any casualties when all this is said and done(although I wouldn't bet against there being a death or two) but I imagine this isn't what the X-Men and X-Fans need anymore than another rehash of the same old question that's dogged Marvel's merry mutants for decades; is it better to live separate from humans, or integrate with them. Cyclops clearly wants to unite all mutants together to live in Utopia separate from the human race, while Wolverine believes that humans and mutants should co-exist together, as Prof.X believes. So who's right and who's wrong? Time will tell, but I'm hoping for a definitive answer this time, one that'll stick around for awhile.

Now of course right now, Logan and Cyclops are on the same page, but according to event writer Jason Arron, some event occur that divide these two pretty quickly. I wonder what they could be? I know, like in any fight between two people, the past inevitably comes back up, so I'd imagine the fight would sound a little like this:

"Damn your stubborness Logan!"
"You're a dick Bub!"
"Your out of control body hair always clogs up the sinks in Utopia. You know how many cases of Drain-O we go through in a month?"
"You know it's funny that your name's Cyclops, 'specially since you still dribble on the toilet seat."
"That's not me! That's Deadpool."
"Whatever you say bub."
"And you killed Jean too, you jealous son of a bitch."
"You were never good enough for her and you know it. You banging Emma proved that."
"Oh, and I had single movie all to myself, what about you bub?"

And the hits just keep on coming folks!

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