Monday, June 13, 2011

Damage Control

Hey guys, just got back from surviving Myrtle Beach, and what a time was had by all!
The only really messed up thing to come out of that, was the accidental breaking of Heather and I's $200 digital camera. It was a dear mistake, and proof that a drop from 4 stories is fatal for fragile things such as cameras. So because of my major snafu, it'll be a good long while before I can make anymore skits. So know you all will unfortunately have to put up with more Random Comic Reviews than ever, as well as any other topic I plan on boring you all with. Hope you guys can stick it out! Tomorrow, RCR time bitches!


googum said...

That sucks! I love my camera, and am mildly terrified at the idea of breaking it, and it's nowhere near that expensive.

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah, we're currently looking @ cameras online, but it'll still be awhile before we get one. I still can't believe I did that! Arghh that was majorly dumb on my part!

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