Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Get yer' downloadable comics folks! Get 'em while their hot!

What's up people? I've got a short post for you people today, and it's all about what's going on with the new DC.
Apparently DC's decided to fully embrace the new technological era we all live in and put out both regular paper comics, and downloadable digital ones as well for $1.99 per download. Yes it's finally here folks. DC's wised-up and decided they didn't want to lose anymore potential sales to already pirated and illegally download comics on the internet, and do what the music industry had to learn the hard way; if you can't beat 'em(and catch 'em all and send 'em to jail) join 'em. I know this wasn't an easy decision to come by, and I myself usually come down on the current heads of the company, but it's about time this was done. With the economy with the way it is, and steadily falling sales, something had to be done to hopefully curtail this problem. Marvel tried this first with digital comics themselves but then slowly(or quickly) backed off. My guess is they won't want to outdone and will start doing this too, as should every other comic publisher out there if they want to stay viable financially. Now this will hurt comic retailers/stores to an extent, but as others have pointed out like my buddy Googum, it's not like they've helping sales all that much anyways. They might feel a little pinch, but not anymore than they're already feeling now in this current economy.

Now comes the other shoe to drop. DC's also doing a "rebooting" of their universe in September following the end of Flashpoint. Their releasing brand new #1's; all 52 of 'em in the hope of reeling in new fans and capitalizing on their new distribution system. I don't why DC feels it's necessary to reboot their universe again; didn't they just do that no more than 3 or 4 years ago? Why do the powers that be feel they have to keep "rebooting/restarting/relaunching" the DC universe every couple of years? It defeats the purpose of having a long-term fan base stick around when everything changes up all the time. I understand trying to make the DC characters "hip, younger, and cool" again for new readers; I even like the new updated costumes they've given the characters, but not at the expense of making everything you've just read over the last few years seem irrelevant. That's just bad business. It's not clear yet just how much of the current and previous storylines are in continuity during this reboot, so we'll all have to wait and see. Still, I can see how frustrating this can be for old, older, and current readers alike. I know DC's really rolling the dice with this, and overall I hope it works out for them. You'd be a fool not to. Still, another reboot/relaunch so soon after the last one just doesn't excite me too much. I know I currently don't care for the current storylines running over at Marvel; especially the current Fear Itself event, but at least they don't reboot/reimagine their continuity every couple of years.

Enjoy the following short skit:

Sorry for the poor picture quality, and use of Microsoft Paint; my regular Paint.Net program's not working right. Whatcha' goin' do right?

Enjoy the weekend folks!

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