Thursday, June 21, 2018

Marvel Comics gets "Warped"


So apparently the new "it" thing (well, not THAT new really) over at the "House of Ideas" is to start taking some of their popular, known heroes and villains, and mash them together Amalgam Comics-style.

Sure it started out with slow with Red Hulks facing off against the Green ones, and then it just escalated from there with the latest one coming from Dan Slott in the form of the Red Goblin, a mash-up of the Green Goblin and Carnage.

Well now it seems Marvel's really going for broke with the mash-up gimmick and has just released information about a new "event" called Infinity Warps, where they really go all-in on this new phase of theirs.

Here's a link to an article by where they explain everything....for now:

I know Googum and I have talked in length many times about this, but it seems to remain a relevant criticism, especially over at Marvel, that since no one really make good, new characters anymore since the creative team that creates wouldn't own them, there's little to no incentive to create new characters/properties, and that more and more derivatives of old characters are "created" instead.

This of course is all still lazy as fuck as far as I'm concerned. Sure I understand the hesitance for creating new material, but still, there's only so many times you can cannibalize your older creations before it all becomes one giant parody of itself.

Still, that being said, I do like the Warped combos they've showed off so far, well visually if nothing else. Seriously though, I'll have to admit that they all look really cool design-wise, and the names...aren't that bad. Could be a lot worse honestly. Well they could.

Here, check them out for yourselves and see what you think of these pairings:

And the group shot:

 I'm sure it's all really short term stuff to further cash in the Infinity War movie, as they have been recently doing with all those Infinity War-related minis, one-shots and specials. And I guess as a company they'd be fools for not milking the shit out of that particular cash cow that Jim Starlin and Co so generously gave them....

....but still....Will the House of Ideas ever produce truly new ideas rather than continuing on recycling, remaking, and cannibalizing old ideas in the absence of new ones?

We'll see I guess.

At least DC is trying new things and introducing new ideas and characters via that whole Dark Metal event series.

Have a good rest of your week and weekend folks......


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

All I can say is that at least movies from Marvel are for the most part worth spending my time and money on. God knows when it comes to their published work none of it is worth either to me.

Dale Bagwell said...

Agreed. Since I've retired form collecting comic books in general, there's not really much I miss as far as that goes, ESPECIALLY from the Big 2.

Now there has been some recent stuff from Dark Horse that's come to my attention that I could possibly see buying a trade or two for, but even that's not a burning, pressing need.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

As far as those trades go there’s always the library.

Dale Bagwell said...

The Library...library....isn't that where the homeless stay to get out the heat/cold and wash up? ;)

Ha ha, no I hear ya', I just don't think my local libraries would carry trades of Black Hammer even though they're only 10$ a pop on Amazon.

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