Thursday, July 13, 2017

So, Who Would Win?: Spawn VS. The Darkness


For this week's edition of So, Who Would Win, I'm pitting two very iconic anti-hero comic characters hailing from Image Comics, Spawn against The Darkness.

Let's get to the stats and compare the two bad asses shall we?

First, here's Spawn's stats:

And now, The Darkness's stats:
AbilitiesAccess to an otherworldly dimension and telepathic control over the demons who dwell there
Mystical armor that grants superhuman strengthspeed, stamina and flight
Accelerated healing factor
Skilled martial artist
Master marksman

Going off those stats, it appears that Spawn and Jackie (Jackie Estacado is the Darkness' main hosts' name) are pretty evenly-matched, especially in the marksmanship department seeing as how both Al (Al Simmons is the name of the main Spawn) have plenty of training in that particular area, with Al being a former special ops government killer and Jackie being a highly-skilled mob hitman/boss.

This fight can easily go for hours, and even days, due to the superhuman stamina both men possess, although if Spawn has fixed his old limit of having a finite amount of necromantic energy to spare before automatically being sent to hell, then this REALLY could go the distance.
Of course there's Jackie's little big weakness to sunlight that also factors into this. If this fight lasts well into the daytime, Jackie would be at a very distinct disadvantage.

Let's also focus on the fact that both men, being trained killers and having their own twisted moral code, won't hesitate to try and kill the other no matter what.

Another question is how Jackie's little darklings (extensions of both his power and personality) would react to a being born straight out of hell? would they be impressed and turn on Jackie, or treat him as just another victim?
Jackie's died and gone to hell before, just not Spawn's hell. Would this little factoid factor at all into this fight?

Whatever the outcome, it'll be bloody and very, very violent.




The Darkness

Who wins and why?
Let me know who you think is the last franchise player standing after this intense battle.

Have a good weekend folks....

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