Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Figures and Photobucket, OH MY!!!

Man, I thought 2015, then last year, and now this year were the best years of the Marvel Legends line, but after seeing some of the previews of figures for 2018, I'm thinking, how are they gonna' top themselves in 2019?

Probably by doing what they're doing this year, and keep getting better, by offering figures fans have been wanting forever and also continuing to offer multiple alternative heads and hands, as well as
solid BAF options.

Coming out next year is a Defenders 4-figure box set, and a bunch of other figures I'll preview here courtesy of


I'm really surprised by the bearded Namor even though I wanted the updated version in his iconic green trunks, so at least that's happening.

That Defenders 4-pack is pretty cool, even though it's mostly repainted reissues, but I really, really want that updated Luke Cage since I didn't want to cough up over $100 for the SDCC Thunderbolts Exclusive box set he was originally in.

 That Jewel-era Jessica Jones though!!!!!

Can't wait for that new Deathlok either. Been wanting one ever since the release of the last one, back in 2005.

That Mysterio looks goods, as does the BAF Lizard figure. Lasher's an interesting addition, but not bad. Wonder if they'll make the rest of the symbiotes.

Also not shown, there will be a Mr. Fantastic and Thing figures coming to Walgreen's' as their exclusives for next year, as well as a re-issued Medusa figure that'll also be Walgreen's' exclusive.

And there's an Avengers Wave coming out next year with a Songbird figure. A Songbird figure!!! Hell's yeah.

Finally, in time for the Deadpool 2 movie, there will be a Deadpool wave with a Cable figure, X-23, and what looks to be an interesting BAF with it being X-Factor's Strong Guy.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.....damn, 2018 looks to be another solid year for the Marvel Legends line.

Finally, I don't know how many people this affects, but probably a lot going by the new terms the image storing site Photobucket has just laid out.

Apparently Photobucket is going to charge Photobucket members about $400 a year to be able to continue uploading and storing their images, since Photobucket has transformed itself into a third-party hosting site now.

Here's a really good article that explains everything:

So basically no more free image storage @ Photobucket.

I guess I better hurry up and go snatch up any of the photos I've saved on there then before the new term goes into effect.....

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