Monday, September 19, 2016

So, Who Would Win?: Spider-Man VS. The Rogues

Hey folks,
Been awhile I know, and trust me I have a damn good reason why the long absence.
Long story short, I had to replace my transmission, and very shortly after, the hard drive in my laptop shit the bed, so I'm out a laptop until I can afford to fix it next month.
Now sure, I could've kept up with this blog via my cell and other devices, but it's just not the same, nor as easy to do without it.
So after this latest post, I'll be playing the waiting game until I can post again on a more regular basis.

Now, finishing up what I started earlier this month, I'm pitting Spider-Man against the Flash's Rogues, much like I did when I pitted Barry Allen against the Sinister Six.

The Rogues I'm using in this fight, are the ones usually associated with the Rogues:

- Captain Cold
- Captain Boomerang
- Heatwave
- Mirror Master
- Weather Wizard
-The Trickster

Now as I've said before, I personally feel the Rogues would be more of a challenge to Spider-Man than the Sinister Six would be to Barry.

Why? The Rogues have been conditioned to deal with someone who moves as fast as the Flash does. Due to that factor, Spider's famous speed is kinda' neutralized.

Not saying Spider-Man wouldn't win out in the end, but I think the Rogues win the first round until Spidey gets a second wind, and rebounds for the win.
But that's just me......




The Rogues

Who wins and why?

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