Wednesday, August 27, 2014

So, Who Would Win?.......Kang the Conqueror VS. Ra's Al Guhl

Happy Hump Day People

Holy Shit!
Did I just put out a regular(for me anyways) week's worth of creative output?
Yeah, I guess I did.

Just feeling creative enough to do that folks. Hopefully I'll keep this frame of mind for a bit longer....

Well, time to dust off an old segment I call So, Who Would Win?

Today's combatants are an interesting duo. They're villains, but with their own twisted code of honor.
It's Kang the Conqueror.....


Ra's Al Guhl.......

So.....Who Would Win?
And Why?

I'm not sure what the backdrop would be, nor the reason why, but with Ra's being essentially immortal, and Kang being a time-traveler, how cool would it be for these two to cross swords for whatever reason?


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

good match up. i guess it comes down to who would have the edge given Ras's intellect and resources and Kang's future tech.

karl said...

Kang would deffo win....he has the long-term strategy to ensure his victories are always forecast well in advance, tho his temper does tend to flare up on occasion when presented with an unknown quantity.
Ra on the other hand almost never gets the upper hand handed back to him, as he has the same sort of long-term strategy, except with him its more 'in the moment' when it comes to goals. And he has one invaluable asset [emphasis on ASS]...TALIA!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo: Right? I though it'd be an interesting match myself. edge-wise, I'm siding with Kang myself. He has veritable dozens of armies from the future, his son marcus the scarlet centurion, and there's always his future-self, Immortus to gum up the works.

There would definitely be a good bit of mutual respect there due to their unique sense of honor, but Kang wins this one by a landslide for me.

How've you been Shlomo?

@Karl: Talia would have to really play on that Ravonna card to mess with Kang
even a little.
How cool would it be though for a catfight between the two though; Ravonna vs. Talia?
Let the tits begin bouncing.....

Randomnerd said...

That one's kind of a no brainer. I'd have to put down the reason WHY Kang would win to the time traveling. They both have superior intellects and the longevity of planniness, but Kang can hop about (theoretically), while Ra's is a little linear.
In more than one way, actually.
The only way I could see this benefitting Ras is if he set it up to place Talia in danger in order to get Bruce on the scene to rescue her, hopefully resulting in their getting it on (again).
Of course, Ras would still be dead. But he would have died completing his goal.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: That's possible. Ra's would really have to think and scheme hard to even remotely achieve a Pyrrhic victory.

That being said, if Batman was to be lured to the scene, I imagine Kang pulling a move we all saw in the Batman/Planetary one-shot, with Kang fighting multiple versions of batman throughout the years. Either that or Batman does that in order to keep from being killed by Kang. Either way Batman VS. Kang would be a very interesting battle of wits and skills.

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