Monday, July 28, 2014

Who's Guarding Who?

What's up people?

Want something new and topical?
Ask and it shall be given....

The End

Well, she's got a point;)

If DC ever put together their version of the Guardians, I wonder who'd they pick, besides the obvious choice of Adam Strange to led them.

Any suggestions?

In addition to breaking down and buying Star-Lord(I much prefer his 2006 look, but I;m not shelling out 100$ for the SDCC exclusive version. Fuck that!) I bought this fine-ass chick:


I swear Goo, not I'm trying to copy you, ha ha;)

But I am catching up though;)


Dan W said...

I'm still waiting for that issue where J'emm and Jem (of the Holograms) turn out to be one and the same. Or at least have the same ear-rings to give them advice on fighting the forces of evil and crazy hair dyes.

Mind you, Synergy is probably just an app in today's culture. Piff, youngun's. They don't know how easy they have it.

Nice post mr :) Always good value!

The King of Thessaly said...

I'd love to see myself in her. Wait, I sound like Karl now... I need to watch that- Dan always calls me by his name to begin with already on his site!

WoW... They actually made a J'emm: Son of Saturn figure? REALLY??? I am shocked and horrified. Have they made an Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld yet?

That Black Cat is WONDERFUL! I'm LOVING her in Amazing right now!!!

DC's GoTG? Isn't that just Legion (at least the core members)? Maybe Omega Men...

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: That would be a hell of twist only M. Night Sham-a-layan wouold be brave enough to pull.

Synergy as an App? hell the whole JEM thing as an app? I could see that yeah.

Thanks Dan-O. Glad you enjoyed it;)
How's your mum by the way?

@King: Yep, and yep. Wait Dan does? Dayum son!!!!

Isn't she though;)

Maybe, but yeah, I guess L.E.G.I.O.N. and the OMega Men really do qualify. Good suggestions man/

The King of Thessaly said...

Yeah, Dan's a rat-bastard! I mean- what an insult, right?
But, yeah, Dan- hope all is well (or better) on your end!

There IS an Amethyst??? WANT!

I guess if I HAD to build a GoTG outta DC from scratch, the new team anyways- I'd go: Strange, yeah- like you said- as Star*Lord. (You GOTTA, right?), The Weird as Groot, G'Nort as Rocket, Lobo as Drax, and Harbinger as Gamora...

Randomnerd said...

@Dan, I had the same thought about the two Jems. Don't let them drag you down into their negative mire.
Synergy could still be connected via earring, probably some kind of Bluetooth.
Sweet ass Black Cat figure. They really did a good mold on her.
You should make sure Dave sees this one, since you beheaded Rocket. He'll love you forever.

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: No amytheist figure that I know of, but their really should be. I enjoyed that take on her from those brief Saturday morning animated shorts last year. If they used her and marketed her like that to the young 'tween/twilight crowd, she'd be golden.

Nice pics for that group, especially the odd choice of the weird.

Btw, I could've sworn there was a comic in the late 90's called That Rat Bastard.

@Random: I could see that , as far as Jem goes.
Surprised other than a potential movie, they haven't bought that show back. Would really fit in well in this current technological age.

Randomnerd said...

And now we can watch all the old episodes on Netflix... My favorite is the one that deals with illiteracy.

karl said...

I want an Amethyst figure...oh and the action figure too if ones available.
The Omega Men - theyd be the closest DC would come to the GOTG.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: And that's just outrageous, truly truly outrageous;)

@karl: Here, here;)

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