Tuesday, December 05, 2006

"When you're smiling...."

Hello all, I'm finally able to post a new blog since I have access to a computer today. That'll change, since classes for me are over, and holiday break is already rapidly approaching for me. In short, you won't hear from me for awhile, or at least until next year.

When I do come back I plan on changing things up a bit. First I'm going to post new pics of my self, as well as post scripts and story ideas about my long-time very own imaginary comic book series: The Extremists.

I have have had my very own ideas for years, creating characters in my head and drawing poorly what I'd like them to look like. It's something new I'll be trying, and hopefully it'll get me noticed and a foot in the door if they're really well-recieved.

Since I have plenty of time today, I guess I can give you all(or whoever's unfortunate to see this) a little preview of what I'm talking about. Now you all will have to bear with me though. I have a heard time maintaing a steady degree of patience and attention span when trying to be creative. It's a fatal flaw I admit, so I'll try and keep up with this thing as much as possible. If anyone is truly interested, feel free to let me know, and also provide some story ideas of you have any.

My main characters are Blazer, who is me, but better looking and with really cool super-powers; and The Extremists, a team of super-powered people in their early-to-mid 20's.

Now I know this sounds geeky, god do I know! But I figured as the saying goes: "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." Well that and the fact that I'm 25 and still can't point out anything spectacular that I've accomplished yet. I do have to say after a lot of honest nodging and countless "You need to do something with you life, you're 25!"
speeches by my ever faithful lifemate, Heather, I've come to the realization I have to do something.
Of course that, and Savage Dragon-Creator Erik Larsen's inspirational speech about how he created stories of Dragon in his head long before publishing, and picking up where he left off, Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
really helped inspire me. So here goes nothing!

The following is a brief description of the main characters I created as well as where they've been and where they're going:

1). Blazer:
This guy is basically me, only more confident, has more luck with the ladies, and has very cool super-abilites. He's my Spawn, My Savage Dragon; the one main character of which all the others rotate around. He is a Pyrokinetic, telekinetic,can fly, and has slighly augmented strength. He's also just discovering he can create light-based objects like Green Lantern, only they're flame-derived, kind of like this guy, a GL villain named Effigy:Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Only he doesn't look like that, but you get the idea.
He's the leader and co-founder of The Extremists, seems to struggle with being in the confines of the group; in short he seems to get claustrophobic and up and leaves when he's had to much of being in the group. It's a weird and original dysfunction that just screams storyline material!
Nonetheless, he's the heart and possibly soul of the team, yet his own personal hang-ups could very well break up the team he so loves....and needs.
He's had many loves, and many heartbreaks, but his current love interest is Shape-Shifter, who with the ablility to be anyone or anything she chooses to be, provides plenty of sexual ideas.
She'd look like this I'd imagine:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Now picture her with blue skin, and that's what Shape-Shifter looks like.
He's currently caught up in a love triangle between his ex, Afterburn, and Shape-shifter.
He and the rest of the team are currently dealing with The Establisment; a nasty group of super-powered villains who are main source of al crime and trouble in my imaginary universe, as well as a traitor in their midst, Silver Dragon, who's secretly spying on the team at the request of his evil uncle Lord Tenno Rashomon.

Here are the other members of The Extremists:

Again she looks like the woman in the last photo, and she's diffinately more than just a pretty face. She's trained as an asssasin courtesy of our US Government; meaning she has a past of being a well-trained CIA and/or Black Ops agent. She can assume any shape, and and impersonate anyone. Just imagine Mystique from the X-Men, only there's a few drawbacks concering her powers that have yet to be seen. Consequences of her past and her powers are forecoming. The team is a haven for her, but it isn't her first super-team. Who the first was will come back to haunt her and her teammates. She's also had a rough relationship with Blazer, as they both have had their ups and downs, breakups and makeups; there relationship is supposed to be solid now based on all that has happened in the last fews weeks. The only problem is Afterburn still carries a torch for Blazer, what will she do about this?

2). Silver Dragon:
In my mind he's the necessary person in the team that always starts shit. He's not afraid to speak his mind, or let you know if you're wrong. He's head-strong, impulsive, and very powerful. He's like an amalgam of Magneto, Quicksilver, and Namor. Not power-wise, but personality-wise. He does have similiar powers to Magneto though. He needs the team more than he lets on, but will he ever realize it in time? He's a co-founder of the Extremists, having been on many missions with the tream. After leaving awhile ago, he recently came back, but only due to the behest of his Uncle Tenno Rashomon, plans on using his naive nephew as a weapon and spy against his very friends.
Silver Dragon's look is a mix-up of Namor's black 70's costume and Wiccan, from Young Avengers.
It's a cross between these:Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I swear I'll try and post how I drew his, and the rest of the team's costumes.
There's more like Kid Thunder, who's like a more modern take on the Billy Batson/Captain Marvel character, Prysm, who lookes like The Silver Surfer and Void from WILDc.a.t.s. love -child, Afterburn, who likes like the current Marvel Girl:Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Kind of like this , but wih a blue and white color scheme, and different costume obviously.
And others like Speed Demon, who's dad is one of the deadly members of The Establishment. His costume kind of looks like this as far as color scheme goes:Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
and there's also Elemental, who controls the earth. His powers are a cross between Kwame from Captain Planet, and Jack Hawksmoor. Interestingly enough his first costume I drew, makes him look just like Kwame, complete with the same Arsenio Hall-hairstyle and planet logo on the front of his costume. Did I mention he's black? just making sure.
There's also a new member who I based off of seeing this cover:Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I figured wouldn't it be cool if there was person who got his super-powers based off different t-shirts? Yes I know that was the whole premise in a nutshell of The Great American Hero, but still. So that's them. There will be more, as I give profiles on the bad guys, me takes on my universe's JLA and Avengers. I called them The Elite and AmeriSquad.
The Elite are my JLA equivalent, and AmeriSquad are obviously a government run and own Avengers.And finally, I had to have my back tooth taken out yesteday. I had an Abscessed Tooth that needed to be removed. Apparently the filing feel out awhile ago, and this the caused all the pain I've been feeling for awhile.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingYeah it kind of looked like that. Of course the bottom part was broken off while the dentist was removing it. Thank God she shot the hell out my mouth with numbing medicine! And yes it sucks not eating what I really want to for at least a couple days, but it's worth it in the end. And oh yeah, I saved the tooth!!!!!!
Hey I told you all I was morbid!

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