Tuesday, March 13, 2018

'Cause you never have enough evil cows.....

Ahh, explains everything.

Oh, and Toys R Us is going out of business...probably...

Welp, there goes another piece of my childhood....and yours. 
Not to mention another nail in the future of brick-and-mortar stores nationwide. 
And another reinforcement to stay buying mostly online these days when comes to....whatever, especially figures now.



Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

damn dude, i thought at first you were just talking about a Toys R Us in your area but then i did a Google search and found out it was nation wide. there's a Toys R Us here in Hayward i've been going to since the early 80s and it's in the same shopping plaza as a Chuckee Cheese i had a birthday party at one year but used to go there pretty frequently to play video games also back in the 80s. even though i'm not a GOTG fan i'm glad we see eye to eye when it came to Ronan in the movie. Dale, i'm sensing you're in a bit of a funk again when it comes to blogging?

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah it's pretty damn sad actually, but that's life these days. Personally I'd like to find the assclown(s) who decided to let themselves be bought out by the same company that saddled them with billions of debt and torture-porn their sick asses for awhile with honey, killer ants and a rusty nail-studded baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire...and then do same to said owners of said evil corporation/company.

Don't get me wrong, Ronan was ok, and had potential, but without the benefit of a weekly/monthly film series to make him more than what he was, he was doomed to be jobbed out in the end, as have all of the MCU villains outside of Loki. That's one main thing the Marvel movies need to fix; Don't fuck over the villain and bitch him out at the end. They become damaged goods, and then you've spent your wad right there.

Maybe? Let's just say I'm more than aware of other forms of social media that are proving to be more immediately satisfying and worthy of time and creativity.
It's the truth. And while I'd like to think I'm better than those people wrapped up in the culture of instant gratification, I'm not. I'm no better. So when I find other outlets that encourage and appreciate my particular sense of humor and skills more there than here, well it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what the end result.

Btw, I have discovered a new and very legit alternative to Farcebook as you so lovingly call it. It's called MeWe. Yeah, silly name, but it provides one such as me with near unlimited freedom, and believe it or not, a boarder audience.
Check it out @Mewe.com

I guess I'll leave the House up for now, much like you would an old apartment that you might sub-let while you live with your significant other. Except I'm not sub-letting.
But I think I'll be posting here less and less.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Yeah I think following blogs is too much effort for most people these days. No "like" buttons or email alerts to keep people's attention and simplify things even more so. Plus on top of that times have changed for us in particular with many in our inner circle having falling to the way side for one reason or another like K.o.T. for example. Fucken Gary Martin jr. "A Rom curator" has been MIA for about a year now. Just stopped replying to my emails and everything for apparent reason. Exact same shit like with K.o.T. The fuck is up with that? I mean at least say good bye or something and let poeple know you got some other heavy duty shit to deal with in your life. Oh well fuck it, I think my time has also just about to an end with blogging.

Dale Bagwell said...

"Yeah I think following blogs is too much effort for most people these days. No "like" buttons or email alerts to keep people's attention and simplify things even more so."

^You're probably not wrong about those points. Also, I have to say, unless you're a noted celebrity or big name with an already huge following, this whole blogging thing just feels like you're operating out of a small comic book shop at the end of a small strip block of stores....and you're like 2nd or 3rd store in there, with no bigger name businesses to help attract attention and business.

Yeah, pretty dead on about our inner circle. Karl was a secretive piece of shit who thankfully's not lingering here anymore after he was outed for what he did.
Hannah comes in like a random stray breeze of nostalgia every once in a blue moon, then leaves as quickly as she arrives. I have NO idea what the hell happened to K.O.T. I tired reaching out to him on Twitter last year and nothing. I have no idea what his deal with or what's going on in his life.
Dan's only recently come back to blogging on a somewhat regular basis, but for how long?
Harambe-bless Googum for still doing this thing. I'm not sure of the two of you, how's been doing it the longest, but I definitely know you and him did the blogging thing first, well before I came along.
Omega Agent appeared to be back, and then nothing.
Gary from Prime Crisis is still going strong though. He's funny and clearly has fun posting stuff that matters to him. Hell, he even did annotations to big DC events like Armageddon 2001, Final Crisis, Bloodline (Fucking Bloodlines man!) and more. Plus he does skits too. Check it out if you haven't already:

So yeah, it just seems like why keep doing this? I'm on Twitter, MeWe, and Harambe-help me, SnapChat, these days instead.
I only entertained the idea of even doing something like that even though, it's mostly for people under 30,to talk to close-by friends and my old group from FB. But even that's happening less and less since the majority have migrated to MeWe in the face of too many bans and bullshit from Fuckerberg Land.

Now I'm not saying all this to discourage you in any shape or form to stop blogging. If it still means something to you, speaks to you, and feels a creative spot in your life, then by all means, keep doing it. Be a lighthouse in the dark for ROM fans and Legit Old-School 'Squad fans, like you have been doing.

Like I said, I'll still keep the place up, as there's no immediate need to delete it all just yet. I'll still post here and there, but nowhere near what I've been doing.
Idk, things change, life changes. I never thought I'd ever stop reading and collecting comics, but that's finally happened. The figures were the only other thing, besides the movies, to keep my interest, and even that doesn't seem as fulfilling as it used to be.
What can I say. Things change.
I will say, regardless, if you need me, need to chat, whatever, you got my e-mail, and if you want, I can even give my cell#.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

I know what you mean about people with notoriety that have blogs. Jim shooter's blog is about as plain and simple as you can get yet he can write a posting about what he had for dinner and have 25 fan boys leave comments before breakfast the next day. Yeah I know Gary's blog but i lost interest in it years ago it seems like he mostly talks about new comics. Ever since Dan has been back it seems like that's his new posting format I miss the days where his site was much more multi faceted. I feel like he doesn't have the energy for that anymore. I know Hannah has her hands full with some personal matters that have been pretty relentless for years now and Omega Agent 1 has been having never ending technical problems with blogger for almost as long as I remember now.
I'm pretty happy with what I've built over the years with both blogs. I'm quite content with just leaving them be at this piont and moving on much like a relationship that you're ready to end after it's actually been over with for a while already. I have no intention of rebounding with some other time sucking social media venue. As for other Rom fans I say fuck em just like with suicide squad fans I really feel like they're mostly a bunch of annoying retards when I see what they're getting all excited about on Twitter and farcebook im not in the least bit interested in being part of that. By the way I sent you a test email this morning I guess you didn't get that either. Seems we're having that problem again.

Dale Bagwell said...

No I got it. I'll be e-mailing you back because there's one particular topic I'd rather not discuss here, so check your e-mail soon.

Yeah, I mean I'm glad Dan's back, but yeah, it's not the same without his other features you used to post. But hey, it's not like I'm one to talk, considering how creatively empty and unfulfilled I feel when it comes to blogging these days. So props to anyone still keeping on keeping on.

Omega's STILL has technical issues with Blogger? As in what issues?

I really hear you about moving on, concerning blogging, I just hope I wasn't a factor in all that man. If you still love it, do it.

I hear you about the ROM and 'Squad fans thing.
The more time rolls on, true fans of those brands are getting harder and harder to find and interact with on a meaningful basis that aren't happily eating the shit and disrespect that Marvel and DC so willingly feed them.
I guess that's the main problem when you're a fan of properties that aren't seen as high up and mainstream important like a Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, etc.

Anyhoo, if nothing else, take stock of what's going right for you and what brings you happiness in your life. Your lovely wife, your health, the fact you live in Cali (ha ha) and everything else good going on. There's always that.
Yeah I know, I really sounded like a bad Tony Robbins impression with that last bit huh? ;)

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

It's been a pretty mellow year so far beyond that I usually talk about anything interesting going on with me in my blog postings. I was just thinking of some of the before mentioned annoying retards on farcebook and twitter. I remember when that last shitty transformers movie came out and how some of those so called Rom fans were having this circle jerk about the subtitle being "first knight". They actually thought ROM was gonna be in the movie. Or I like how some one will post some shitty fan art that's been on the web for years and be like all look what I found this is so cool. And ofcourse I don't even want hear about idw is doing. Like I said man it's time to bail on that scene I did what I needed to do for about 8 years but it's time to be moving on.

Dale Bagwell said...

Well that's good to hear, as far you having a good year so far.

Ha, yeah, fanboys(and girls) are at their worst when they do shit like that. I don't even know how they would've even assumed ROM'd be in it, but I guess if you can find certain things and images in clouds, then you can do the same with movie titles.

The only thing new on the IDW front is that long-time EIC (12 years really) Chris Ryall left IDW for Dark Horse I think.

I hear you on that. Sometimes it's best to go out on top, or when you're ready, rather than hang on and post random, hack-ass bullshit......as I guess I could be accused of at various times here.
Sometimes you just gotta' step back, take a break for awhile and recharge those creative batteries.

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