Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Someone's knocking at the door, someone's ringing the bell..."

Hey people.
Yes I know it's been awhile, so sue me. No wait, don't because I don't have any money.
Anyways, I figured I'd post a new piece because I have truly missed you all and really missed doing this; as reading my buddy Googum's skits having been making things harder and harder on me as well.

So what's new?
Well I've successfully bought and completed the whole entire Apache Chief/Super-Friends wave of figures. Yes, I'm now the proud owner of my 1st ever completed C&C figure!

credit: to thefwoosh.com
He looks awesome, even though he looks more like a native-American chippendale or Geronimo on steriods depending on how you look at him.

The bad news is that I had to buy El Dorado, or El Chico as I like to call him as well. Yeah he sucks, but at least now I have a super-powered Mexican Mesero(that's waiter in Spanish) to serve chips and salsa to the rest of his Super-Friends.

Alright, here's a new skit of mine. The pics are actually a few months old, but I never posted them, so they're new to you.

This is called "Mite I be of of some assistance?" enjoy.

Bat-Mite: Greetings fellas, my name is Bat-Mite and I just happened to hear you guys were looking for a new 3rd member for your little team, and I had nothing else to do, so I said "what the hell" so here I am.

Robotman: Uhh, wait a minute. Aren't some sort of genie or magical whatzidozit that causes trouble and random mischief?

Negative Man: He's an imp Cliff, just like Mr. Mxypltz, or something like that.

Robotman: Yeah, just whut I thought; trouble we don't need. Sorry lil' guy you gotta' go. We don't need more trouble aroubd here. if we did, we'd already sign up that kook Mr. Nobody or that weirdo Ambush Bug.
Bat-Mite: But, but.....
Negative Man: Now let's not be too hasty there Cliff! He does have magical powers after all, and when was the last time we had someone on the team with that particular skill set? Besides, he's harmless, aren't you little fella?
Bat-Mite: Yes, yes I am! But oh so very helpful!

Bat-Mite: I also know who batman is. Wanna' know?
Robotman: Who doesn't know who that guy is by now? Ya' got anything else to offer us?
Bat-Mite: I can show what Wonder Woman looks like naked.
Negative Man: Sold! You're in!
Robotman: Welcome to the team lil' buddy, hope you survive the experience.


googum said...

The Doom Patrol would be lucky to have him! Beats Mento...

Dale Bagwell said...

Agghh, the very familar Mento-hate by Googum rears its ugly head! No I guess they would be huh? next week I promise new skits!

Dale Bagwell said...

Now can anyone guess who sang the the title track off this blog? Cool points to anyone who can WITHOUT looking it up.

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