Monday, October 14, 2019

Caption This: Nightcrawler

So going purely off the accompanying image, I was just kinda' playing around, and this is what I made:

I'm sure my buddy Googum will like these ;)

Thursday, October 10, 2019

So, Who Would Win?: Groot VS. Orrgo


Welcome to another edition of 

Just like I did last year, I'll be going with a monster/horror-theme for this month's edition of So, Who Would Win? Using all all sorts of demons and monsters and pitting them all against each other.

This week, it's Groot, who was once just another typical  60's Lee/Kirby Marvel monster who'd later go on to become a beloved movie icon thanks to James Gunn's GoTG movies, going one-on-one with fellow 60's Marvel monster Orrgo.

Now I'll cop to just throwing these two randomly against each other, since to my knowledge, they might not directly know of each other, despite being created in the same decade and both attempting to conquer humankind once they arrived on Earth.

Let's compare their respective stats shall we?

Berserker Strength
Matter Absorption
Plant Control
Size Manipulation
Super Strength
Unarmed Combat

Blast Power
Matter Absorption
Reality Manipulation
Super Strength

Clearly, going just based solely off the stats, and how tall they can both get, this has all the making of a very intense fight that can go the distance.
I see this battle raging for quite awhile, leaving multiple cities and states, trashed to hell and back before this thing ever gets settled, or however long SHIELD lets them fight it out.





Who wins and why?

Let me know who you think winds up as the last Marvel monster standing in the comments' section.

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

"What's The Magic Word?"

My good buddy Googum sent me a goody box filled with old comics and two figures; the DC Multiverse Spoiler and movie Captain Marvel Shazam figures.

Naturally I saw potential with those two, and here's part of it.....

Thursday, October 03, 2019



If you haven't been reading John Hickman's AMAZING run on the X-Men so far, please, PLEASE, do yourself a favor and check out both House of X and Powers of X. No delays, and they pretty much comes out every other week. Can't beat that.


you get to see Hickman turn the X-Men into a mutant sovereign nation while making up the rules as he goes along.

Plus He's offered room and board for ALL mutants, good or evil, as long as they promise to behave.

Oh and mutant orgies are now an official thing, no longer just the topic of various XXX fanfic and fanart communities.

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Dream Team: Youngblood

I know I've probably mentioned this before, well at least I have on Twitter (Trust me I'm there and you should see the shit I post and retweet on there) but if you haven't already heard creator Rob Liefield has essentially lost the rights to his creation Youngblood.


I'll leave you guys a link below to an article that explains the whole thing in detail, here.

Basically, when Liefield's Awesome Entertainment company (which was founded in 1997) went bust in 2000, Liefield and his business partners each got a certain number of Liefield's creations from his catalogue as a means of financial compensation.

Liefield's ex-business partner, Scott Rosenberg kept the rights to Youngblood and decided to carry publishing the title w/o Liefield, and after much back and forth between the two, thus Liefield backed off and has made peace that Youngblood's no longer owns his creation.

Sad, and fucked up? Oh yeah! I'm not huge Liefield supporter these days for various reasons, but even I have to agree that Rob got fucked on this one, and that no creator should be forced to lose the rights to his creation, unless he wanted to.

Hey, I'll readily admit it; back in the early 90's during Image Comics' heyday, I was a HUGE fan from '92-'96. More so of Rob's stuff then Spawn and some of the others. I'd later gravitate towards Savage Dragon as well, and Jim Lee and Marc Silvestri's books were equally competing from my money back then as well, so trust me, I'm coming at this article from a genuine place of love.

Anyhoo, today I'm focusing on the team and who I'd like to see on it if they were being published today, which they're supposed to be, but we'll see.

This is strictly my take on who I feel should be on the team, and spoilers, with one or two exceptions, must of them will be from the era I read Youngblood, not the new additions and rosters since then.

1). Shaft (Team Leader)

He's always been the leader in just about every other incarnation of the team ever since he was chosen to replace Battlestone. There's no reason to not keep him there in that position.

2). Diehard

I've always liked his design, he's more robot than man, so can do all sorts of shit with him.

3). Chapel

Chapel's always stood out from the team, and that's mainly because he's always been a merc or CIA assassin. My reason for initially placing him in the team is that he's a CIA/government plant to observe and report back to the US government about the team, and "clean up" anything that needs cleaning up. He'd eventually be removed from the team later down the line.

4). Badrock

The only other teen on the team besiews Suprema, and a hell of a powerhouse. Plus he's an OG member more or less.

5). Vogue

She's the Black Widow to Shaft's Captain America/Hawkeye. Every group needs a hot Russian spy figure on a team these days right?

6). Cougar

He's a good character overall and is a human/cat-person hybrid. That should make for some fun drama.

7). Suprema 

I mean if Youngblood's supposed to be like the Teen Titans, then Suprema's your Wonder Girl analogue right there. A hell of a powerhouse and the kid sister to Liefield's version of Superman but w/ an attitude problem, Supreme. She'll be a great addition to the team. Maybe she can hook up with Badrock?

So that's my thoughts for a Youngblood team. I'm sure everyone has their version or interpretation, and this one just happens to be mine. If you have your own Youngblood dream roster, let me know in the comments' section. 

Monday, September 30, 2019

Caption This: Firestorm

Case of the Mondays do we? Yeah I hear ya.' Same.

Wanna' look at some morbid memes with me featuring the DC Comics superhero Firestorm? Cool.


Saturday, September 28, 2019

"Do Mall Babies Eat Chili Fries?"

I know I said Thursday in the labels' section that that skit was supposed to be the last skit of the month. Well.....I had some extra time on my hands, so I said "Fuck it!" and made another one today.


I mean, haven't we ALL been wondering that same question too?

Caption This: Nightcrawler

So going purely off the accompanying image, I was just kinda' playing around, and this is what I made: I'm sure my bu...